5 oz Scottsdale Prey Silver bars

6개월 전

Hi Steemit

There are more and more out of stock items now at precious metal dealers. Not sure it's because of high demands or supply disruption due to lockdowns in many countries. Maybe it's both

These are 5oz Scottsdale Prey Silver Bars. Scottsdale lion logo at the front


The back is like tiger pattern or maybe it's zebra. Not sure, but the name is Prey so should be a prey animal


Closee look at the bar


It has plastic wrapping to protect the silver, nice addition to my stacks

Have you noticed higher premium and unusually low stock and longer delivery from your dealers?

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Yup! This morning the premium for gold has gone up three folds from 100 to 300 baht per piece!!


thank you kaminchan, yes now the dealers are even buying above spot price,so it's no longer important the spot

It is looking 5 oz Scottsdale Prey Silver bars. so valuable saving.
Thanks @djohan
Have a nice day


thank you goldcoin


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never a bad time to add more, love these bars! cool design


thank you doitvoluntarily, yes still really cheap compared to other assets

Have you ever bought your metals with bitcoin?


thank you kevbot, no, but many dealers accept btc, you can try

Beautiful coins. Worth to have in your collection. Thanks for sharing pic and gif image @djohan


thank you kamchore, yes looks really nice and solid bar

Ooh. Those are cool bars. Happy stacking!


thank you fat-elvis, becoming hard to buy now with this lockdown everywhere

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