Captain America 1 oz Silver Coin

5개월 전

Hi Steemit

This is the 2019 1oz Captain America Silver coin from New Zealand Mint. They have a lot of Disney and Marvel series, higher priced than normal coins as low mintage and special designs


The other side of the coin, the Queen and 1 dollar legal tender value of Tuvalu


A closer look at the coin


How are you getting precious metals during lockdown?

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Marvel character in the coin is looking awesome. Thanks for sharing pic and gif image @djohan


thank you kamchore, yes New Zealand Mint always has interesting characters on their coins

haven't seen one like that with a marvel character on it, nice addition


thank you doitvoluntarily, they also have starwars and disney characters

Yeah... Captain AMERICA!!!! I like this series, although I do not own a single one, lol! How I wish I did, even for that one piece alone!
Be safe and take care, my friend 😍😍


thank you silversaver888. i am collecting their Marvel series and Starwars also, very interesting coins



thank you goldcoin


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Nice one! Do you have the Incredible Hulk?


thank you kaminchan, they have more varieties of coins under their proof and limited editions, but i only buy the bullion coins as a lot cheaper


We don’t have any of these cool silver rounds in Thailand.

i do not even know how to transfer funds off this platform. It has KYC now. Whack af.


hi kevbot, you don't need to transfer anything, it was forked a few weeks ago, so everything you did and own including all posts and comments and tokens are there automatically before the day of the fork. You only need to login using the same key as your steemit key plus a new pin if you use

Esta genial esa moneda del CAP… Gracias por compartirlo @djohan.


thank you elmundodexao

Hola @djohan. Lograste comprar en plena cuarentena. Es bueno saber que algunas cosas todavía se pueden hacer. Feliz día.

Hello @djohan. You managed to buy in the middle of quarantine. It's good to know that some things can still be done. Happy day.


thank you leynedayana, i ordered this before the quarantine, so lucky to come on time

Hello @djohan. It's very elegant this piece, thanks for sharing it...

Hola @djohan. Está muy elegante esta pieza, gracias por compartirlo…


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Hola @djohan. Buena adquisición una moneda apreciada por jóvenes y viejo… Creo que todos apreciamos héroes como el capitán…