Golden State Mint Year of the Rat 1 Oz silver rounds

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Hi Steemit

Things are getting scarier everyday now and crazier in the markets. I hope you guys are doing well. Prices of everything seems to be down, and that includes silver, gold not so much. It's even lower than the first time i bought few years ago. But going through silver dealers, they don't actually sell anywhere near the spot price and many coins are sold out.

These are the Golden State Mint Year of the Rat 1 oz silver rounds


The back of the rounds show the 12 Chinese Zodiac plus the word Luck in the middle


A closer look at the 1 oz rat


I think more crazy days to come, be safe out there

Thank you for viewing

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Yup! Crazy things are happening around the world. Silver coins are sold out everywhere! Gold is down but higher still!

They are waiting for it to go lower before swooping in!!

Nice coins which are very Chinese looking!


thank you kaminchan, yes they are not following the spot price now it seems. much higher almost double price of spot and still people buy it

I like the reverse with the entire lunar animal depicted! Thanks for sharing@djohan. Take care 🌺🥰🤙

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thank you silversaver888, yes that's really nice, i have the other years also like horse, and they have the same reverse designs

Fine looking GSM round there.
Even if the premiums are higher but overall the final price is often much better than what I saw three weeks ago, silver is still a better buy. So I managed to stock up on generic bars on $13.04 tick of the spot plus premium just before the Inventory was sold out. Luck, I had indeed.

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thank you kerrislravenhill, that seems like a good bargain, but yeah not many left for sale, maybe the dealers don't want to sell at such a low price

Your kids will enjoy this collection if you ever pass it to them : )

Dont eat too much food ;) im gonna get fat at home at this rate.


thank you kevbot, yes i might put on weight staying at home. I start walking the dog on my driveway, but that's not much fun, lol

Very cool and I like them a lot! Thanks for sharing! Stay safe and have a good one!


thank you elizabethbit, pleasure to share, keep safe and be prepared