Royal Canadian Mounted Police 2 Oz Silver 2020

6개월 전

Hi Steemit

It's been another crazy week at the market. Almost everything was down including precious metals. So a good chance to purchase some more for me.

This is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police 2 Oz silver coin. The year is 2020


And surprise surprise , it's King George and not the Queen


A closer look at the coin


This 2 oz has the same diameter as a 1oz, good and bad. Good as easy to keep in the tube with other 1 oz more common coins. The bad is it looks just like 1 oz just thicker

Zero percent interest rate is here. Very uncertain time to be investing, but interesting also to see what will happen next

What do you think will happen next?

Thank you for viewing and be safe

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This is different with a horse!

Gold price has gone up this morning!
I guess things will get crazier next month! Good to be well prepared!

Good luck!


thank you kaminchan, prices are going crazy for everything, i think the market is panic and confused right now


Yep! You are right on! Hold on tight for this wild ride!

Yup, saw that one, and added it to my list. I love it primarily for the sovereign design on the obverse.
I looks very nice! RMC designs are always nice.
Thanks for sharing,@djohan and take care 🥰🌺🤙

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thank you silversaver888, i was going to buy more as prices are down, but found out the shops are not following the spot price, and many coins out of stock, take care and keep stacking



thank you goldcoin


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What should be happening next is me heading out to the LCS and pick up more silver bullion.

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thank you kerrislravenhill, the spot price has been hammered down, but i found the physical coins are not following the spot price, and stays at the old price and many sold out , i hoped you managed to get some


Believe it or not, I got at least a pair 2020 2 oz Silver Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

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I am buying the dip on Tesla, Illumina, and Bitcoin, maybe ethereum,decred, or zcash

I feel like this is caused from the us-china trade tension. virus blown out of proportion.


thank you kevbot, everything seems to go down, i think the market is very confused where to put their money. Maybe a good opportunity but also very risky


im buying the dip forsure! still have reserves.

The coin is great. Uncertainity in investment is great but hopefully it will be paid back big. Thanks for sharing pic and gif


thank you kamchore, yes a lot of uncertainty in the market worldwide, very risky time to invest

That's an excellent coin. I really was hoping they would put the old King on all the 2 ounces this year, but they didn't. Here's hoping🍻 they will in the future. Cheers mate


thank you fat-elvis, yes nice to see something different like the old king

Hello @djohan. If this presentation is beautiful, they say it can go down a bit more.

Hola @djohan. Si esta Hermosa esta presentación, según dicen puede bajar un poco más.


thank you cloris, yes everything seems to go down now

Hello @djohan. That silver coin is great, I haven't seen them that thick.

Hola @djohan. Esta genial esa moneda de plata, no las había visto tan gruesas.


thank you elmundodexao, 2 oz is double the thickness of the 1 oz

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