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Hey there, everyone!

Today was Veteran's Day honoring all Veteran's, both living and deceased that have served their country honorably during war or peacetime. Thank you all.

Veteran's Day also marks my birthday as well. As a kid, I ALWAYS got my birthday off from school, which was great. Another year has gone by and I'm still 18 in my head........well, maybe just a bit older than that but still way younger than I am now.

Enough of that, and now let's cut to the chase! We took a trip to Bellingham Washington today to take a hike along the bay into Fairhaven and back. But, before that, we headed to a local coin shop that unfortunately turned out to be disappointing. They really didn't have much to see and they were way over priced for what they had. So, we headed to the other one in town and found what I was looking for but didn't know what it would be. Yes, I know that sounds a bit mixed up, but sometimes when I go looking for silver, I don't know what I'm looking for exactly, but when I see it, I know, lol!


This is a 2 Troy Ounce silver bullion with a heavy relief of a steam train with man on horse back galloping along side of it on the obverse.


On the reverse, it looks like the chambers of a 45 caliber revolver surrounded by nicely done rope and the word 'LAWLESS' at the top.


The edges are nicely serrated. The entire round is extremely detailed. It's encased in a clear poly and I would have photographed it without the case, but I couldn't get it opened, lol! I was quite happy with my birthday purchase!

Thanks for stopping by and please leave comments below on what you think!

Have a wonderful evening😎


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Yup... beautiful silver round. I come from a long line of Veterans...each and every one... all gone.
Have a beautiful day, my friend. Take care @elizabethbit 😍🥰🌺🤙


Thank you @silversaver888! Take care too🤗😍😘

I liked this round! It is so Old West...


I am a train buff and love the narrow gauge railroads. I actually used to own 'Rocky Mountain Express' with my husband which was a model railroad store, specializing in G scale, but we had them all. This steam engine reminds me of Denver South Park and Pacific engine that used to go up over Alpine Tunnel in Colorado. Thanks for stopping by!😎

Those damn coin cases can be a pain in the ass to open


I so agree @davedickeyall !!!
I was going to pry this open for her for the photo, but Birthday girl already had the photos Lol!👍🤗


Aren't they though, lol?😎

Love that rounds got one myself. Too bad the series started and died with that one. Elemental Mint went belly up


Thank you for the information. I was wondering who minted it. It is really too bad that the series died and the mint did as well. I would have loved to seen more like this.

That is a beautiful round to share to hohor the veterans Day 😉
I recently got this piece myself and I love the details on it alot, beautiful.

Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful week. Much love 🤗🌹

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Thank you @saffisara! It is a really nice one and I am happy to have found it. Have a wonderful rest of the week!🤗😊

Loving the coin \o/ great pickup :)


Thanks @coindevil! I really like it. The detailing is awesome.😎

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