Epic's Newest Coin Shop Silver Cop - 2 Uncirculated American SILVER Dollars!!!

3년 전

I just Got Two Uncirculated American SILVER Dollars!!!

What's up guys, I've been stacking silver for a little over a year now and I've been drawn to the #SteemitSilverGold community. This is officially my first steemit post about precious metal and hopefully, it signifies many more to come in the very near future.

I am primarily interested in silver at the moment because it's fairly cheap and I can use a spare $20-$40 to pick up a couple ounces here and there at least once a week. I started with 1-ounce bars and more recently have been picking up coins with a premium.

My most recent silver purchase was for these two Uncirculated American Silver Dollars.

I just picked these bad boys up a few days ago, take a look!




That's all I have for today, I hope you guys liked this post. I will be making more posts like this frequently. Thanks for stopping by, make sure to follow @epicdesigns for more precious metal content.

please nominate me for #SteemSilverGold

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@epicdesigns welcome to posting in the steemsilvergold family!! @ssg-community is always happy to gain more great content! American Silver Eagles are always a wonderful pick up and are a foundation to my stack. Thanks for sharing and I will resteem you to get your name out there more.


Thank you very much, I got a new post coming right up, so stay tuned :)

Two great additions to the stack @epicdesigns! Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing your next post.

Great first post about your recent pick-up, and very appropriate that they are American Silver Eagles, the most popular and well-loved bullion coin in the entire world. I certainly look forward to your next posts. WOW, you have been stacking for a year now! That is really great! Keep stacking, my friend!

Hope to see many more posts using the #steemsilvergold, thank you for sharing! @ironshield