#steemsilvergold used to be epic


hi all.

Do you remember the hayday of #steemsilvergold? Well, some of you may be new and not remember how active our little community was. I mean we even minted our own bullion! 😛


Times are a bit tough around steemit lately, at least in #steemsilvergold, #teamcanada is dead, Its almost like steem itself is dead.


I mean, I am currently powering down steem, and wondering wether to buy LTC, BTC, Neo, or hive. Maybe even silver.


The days of minting a round like these is likely over for our little group.


But, I'm putting out a thought, maybe a crazy idea, maybe brilliant, often it's hard to tell the difference.


Maybe we can get a small company... cough cough, @raybrockman, cough cough, to make a limited #silvergoldstackers #hive-round. Maybe we do it different, no serial number, limited by the ammount folks want, maybe its just for us, and whoever does the minting, maybe its a simplified poured round.

Anyway stackers, food for thought.

Take care all you crazy cats and kittens.

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Yeah - Steem is dying. It started dying as soon as everything about social interaction was monetized, and it became all about every little thing - every vote, every comment, every mouse-click, every bit of self-promotion - being all about money. The guys who sold this as a "new idea" were basically lying - and ended up "corporately raping" the rest of us by using our personal information - KIND OF LIKE GOOGLE & FACEBOOK HAD BEEN DOING TO US ALL ALONG - except they weren't lying about it, and they weren't trying to get each person to clone their same mercenary behaviors.


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Good thinking @fat-elvis. I have a feeling we could still get something decent minted.


I kinda think a nice hand poured piece would be great. Maybe we get a graphite mould made up.

I think that's a great idea!I would love to see a silver Hive round @fat-elvis...cough, cough!!🤗

This has my full backing.

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Yep it sucks. It would be expensive, the dies are the cost. Unless Ray gets a sweet deal.
I looked into it years ago.


I've been looking into custom graphite molds. Could still do a kick ass round that way.

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I think that's an awesome idea @fat-elvis.....cough, cough, and I think @raybrockman, cough, cough, might just be the man to get it rolling! Cough, cough! LOL!

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