Bear Bull Perth Mint

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I am not sure what they were thinking but somebody should loose his job for this....

The design is just...ugly.

It reminds me a lot of their Dragon & Phoenix , Dragon & Dragon etc series.



Here the 2 animals facing each other works very well. Not too much blank space and not too much decoration so the coin seems overloaded.

With the bear and bull on the other hand it does not work at all imo. The bear looks like he is jumping onto the bull to 69 him and also both animals dont look this great either.

The mintage is pretty high with 25000 and the price is the usual Perth Mint semi-numismatic with around 21.50€.

This is one hard pass from me.

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Yeah, Perth Mint usually has the highest quality coins. The Bull/Bear theme might have something to do with the Stock Market. Four nines are always a winner. Troy ounce or just ounce? Maybe the design was a middle school art contest winner. I do like the low 25K mintage. The price looks reasonable, only because it is Perth Mint. Queen Elizabeth looks pretty. Thanks for sharing.


I assume troy ounce as usual.

I dont think 25k is a low mintage these days though.
The price is reasonable for Perth Mint but if I dont like the design I am staying away from this one

I like it!!! It has two of my favorite symbols: The bull of the West, and the Bear of California. It is more meaningful to me personally and carries more meaning and symbolism to me personally than any other mythical creature (with the exception of the Fire Dragon, and the Unicorn and Mermaids). Thanks for showing, I will surely get me one!
Have a wonderful day and take care 🥰🌺🤙


My pleasure :-)

I agree with lower the premium to that of a Bullion round and it will have a new home!!😊


I think even then I am more likely to pick up something else


Yes!!! This Silver stuff is additive🤗

That's a horrible looking coin. I see the comparison between the two coins, but it doesn't come close to being as cool as the dragon and phoenix.


nope not close at all :-)

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nothing seems right to me with this one


Silver investing is what got me into Bitcoin! I remember bitmit where I ended up selling my silver and golf collection! That’s where my Bitcoins came from, it was nice in the beginning selling silver coins for .22 BTc and all kinds of prices! I sold my rodium for .8 or .9 Btc! At the time i didn’t know if it was a good sell, but it ended up being really good!
One day silver should come back, it’s starting to look like time to buy back!

Now looking back I sold my silver coins for so much more than it is now!!!! Silver did good for me!


for me it was the other way around. Got into metals from crypto.