The East Indida Company Trade dollar series

2년 전

The 5th and final coin of this series is getting released - The french trade dollar.




So far only the proof version got released with a mintage of 1500.

If I decide to pick it up I will settle for the BU version though.

1st The British Trade Dollar 10000 minatge



proof back



2nd The US Trade Dollar 10000 mintage



proof back



3rd The Chinese Trade Dollar 5000 Mintage


back chinese.jpg

proof back



4th Japanese Trade Dollar 5000 mintage


proof back



It is a nice collection and 2 things stand out for me here.

  1. The proof coins have a nicer backside with some more going on around the queens head. I think that is some nice touch to the not so cheap proof coins to seperate it a bit more from the BU version.

  2. The mintage got lowered mid "season". I assume the coin was not selling as good as anticipated, despite the UK version seems to be a bit more difficult if you want to get your hands on it. The US coin is still available and cheaper than the coins which followed it. As the mintage is double compared to the ones which followed this makes sense.

There is a bit of premium to the US coin but not this much and I am flirting with the idea to get some more to flip. For a small mintage of 10000 it is still cheap but I am not familiar with quality control and I did not see many people talking about it...(well not many people talk about silver coins in general)

The design is ok but also nothing special but it is a bit like the Queens Beasts you get the best of both worlds. Silver for a reasonable price and the potential the coin might be desirable over time....but probably I would just pick up more Queens Beasts then as they have proven themselves a bit more and if this coin should be a hit it would be already been a hit probably

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  ·  2년 전

That's a sexy looking coin :)


they all are imo. I really like the chinese version

  ·  2년 전

I have been saying for years that I need to crack open my safe and see what I have in terms of silver coins. I just never think to do it. If I do, I will take some pictures. I don't think I have anything this exciting though!


every piece of silver is exciting.

Also some old Pandas or Kooks might be worth a bit more now.

If you do some pics would be great

There's a lot of money to be made in Minting Collector Coinage...
December 5, 2019... 6.6 Hollywood Time...


they are restrikes though. I know at least the chinese trade dollars are faked a lot but if you know your way around that I think there is some good money to be made as well

Hey Bud, Will you reach out to me in discord. Sevin wilson and myself need to get the 2018 steem round to you. Thanks!


will do

you silver-hammer on discord as well? I assume you in the steemsilvegold channel?


Nope, sorry, did not realize I was logged into this account its @raybrockman

The oriental border seems suited for both the Chinese and Japanese Trade dollars but for the others there isn't quite that same fit.


true but afaik the trade dollars were mostly used in China or the Orient so it is not unreasonable imo.

I first thought they all had a different border though which would be so much better

Great design... they can get crazy on the oriental borders there- makes it too crowded for me, personally. But I like it.

Nothing but the quality stuff you have there!!
So nice!!🤗

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