When your eyes are bigger than your wallet

3년 전

My pirates order for March are done and already I filled up my cart for April.

The worst thing is, besides waiting, it is already too much and some of it have to go back on the wishlist and wait till June or later.

I feel this month a lot of beautiful coins entered the shops and made it hard to choose

For example the dragon and phoenix coin which looks absolutely stunning


The premium is quite high on this one but I really want one. It has a mintage of 5000.
To be honest I dont really know if this is a lot or not but afaik the silver ones appreciated a lot in price as they look even better than the gold version imo.

Last year a new series started from Perth Mint

The golden swan


It is limited to 5000 and will have changing motives. So that would be a good series for me to start as well as it is still quite cheap.

As the Dragon and Phoenix is from Perth Mint as well and has the same mintage of 5000 I don`t quite understand why the premium is so much higher. Because it looks so much better?

I have heard some critical voices about the lower mintage coins that it is just to squeeze some extra money out of the the customers and that flipping coins becomes much harder anyways as it would be dying off.

The new Queens Beast came out but I wrote about that in my previous post already.

One series I really like is the "Call of the Wild" series out of Canada.

They released their 5th coin last month

An eagle


My favorite is still their first release

The howling Wolf


This is a series were I try to catch up and then can collect them like a normal collector and dodge those premiums for older releases.

Otherwise I would probably look way more into the Lunar series.

As you can see I am in full retard fomo and collector madness mode and really need to control myself.

When I watched some videos on stacking and beginners mistakes people warned about that. So I will get my shit together and buy what I can afford as I dont want to liquidate too much crypto.

How long did you take till this madness went by? Does it go by at all? flipstar.jpg

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I really like the eagle one , otherwise they are all SOO beautiful . I used to collect coins when I was younger , I still have them but just don’t have time . I have the $2 coins .


I am just getting started. I am a sucker for dragon and phoenixes and pretty much everything from the east actually :-)

Sounds like you have a pretty bad case of stackitus... you have made some great choices though so just stay the course. If it gets really bad, just hit up a pawnshop or place a smallish order.


hahah yes seems that way :-)

maybe small orders is a good treatment

These are really beautiful. The swan and wolf speak to me.


I like the wolf and the dragon the most but they are all beautiful

I love the simplicity and classic design of the swan. I also like it as it is in the Perth Mint logo. Anyone who has been to Perth will also have seen the beautiful black swans on the Swan River.

The Swan would be my pick for its design and it connection to the Perth Mint.


image souce


That I did not even know. I thought the swan was kind of random.

That makes the coin a lot cooler


I stayed in Perth for 4 months 4 years ago. It is a great place to live. ^_^

Geil, dein Schatz wird immer größer, freue mich. Das Zeug wird nicht schlecht, hält ne Ewigkeit


Das ist leider noch nicht meins :-(

Wow amazing. I only have silver coins (maple leaves and some Chinese) :( But i like it also :D 100% Upvote.


I get some silver as well but more gold. I know many people say silver is the better buy atm so I get some, too but I really like gold :-)

Atm this is only on my whishlist and I will pick it up over the coming months


Yes Gold Silver ratio has shifted extremely over the years. So everyone says that silver should explode. Cool Bro :) Looking forward for new coins Article ;)

Those are sweet and low mintage. Personally, I’m a fan of Perth Mint.


I can see why :-)

Their coins look beautiful

I really like 3rd gold coin...this post really amazing...


I think I like the first one the most but I like all anyway :-)


All goldcoin looking awesome but 3rd one looking great

My two favorite out of all of those is the Phoenix & Dragon and the Howling Wolf, absolutely stunning coins I'm going to have to look into getting one of the silver versions of both after seeing these. My 8yr old would flup if I got us both a matching set.


Afaik the wolf is only availble as 1 oz gold but I am not totally certain on that. But I am sure there are some others similar to it.

The phoenix and dragon I have seen as silver but they have a high premium at least in the shops where I found them.

Get them in while their young my father was collecting a little bit of coins and I really liked it there already.


Yup! I'm hoping he can put a little something back for school this way (easier to save bc he cant spend it quite as quickly).

Nice coins. You are right, don't invest too much. Crypto is king.


Yes but to be able to touch it has some upsides but crypto is king like you said :-)

Das am Himmel eben war keine Sternschnuppe, sondern das Leuchten meiner Augen! ;-)


Geht mein Wunsch dann dennoch in erfüllung? :-)


Wenn Du ganz fest dran glaubst.... bestimmt! ;-)

I like the dragon and the phoenix and the wolf, they are great.


same here :-)

My list of wants could stretch around the block these days. A lot of nice goldies out there right now


I guess I am starting flipping coins to help me choose :-)

damn you are collecting those these looks beautiful :D


Those are on my wishlist only so far :-(

Welcome in the steemsilverclub! Free drinks on Friday.
The bulk of my gold is purchased for a little above spot. Say 4%. So for me the swan would be ok , the dragon/phoenix not. The canadian serie I have the puma and the elk. I once lost myself with a Monnaie de Paris series. Good luck.


Yes probably picking up the swan. I like the phoenix/dragon design more but the premium is too high.

From the wild series I have the wolf and puma so far but there I will be picking up the rest as the premium is pretty low.

There are so many coins I would like to jump on as I really like pandas and the somalian elephants as well but there have to be choices to be made :-)

Thx again for the nomination.

The madness doesn't go away!

You're holding real money in your hand with the added bonus that it's been minted into stunning art.

I've been stacking chips (gold & silver) for close to a decade now and it doesn't get old. When you can consistently trade in fiat for real money, especially at these undervalued prices compared to the amount of fiat currencies floating around the planet... why wouldn't you?

Beautiful coin by the way!


Embrace the madness I guess :-)

Looking forward when I can say I am stacking for a decade but this will take a decade :-)

again some really nice coins. brauchst so langsam mal so ne alte Holzkiste?!


Hhahah ja auf jeden Fall und ne kleine Insel


und nen papagei und nen Holzbein! alter du wärst der perfekte Pirat.

Wow they make coins with those designs? No wonder they are collected. Cool!

Buy them all!! lol


Over time I hope I will :-)

Love that dragon and phoenix piece.

For any precious metals enthusiast reading this, I am doing a contest and raffle where you can win a piece of silver. Check it out here:

Gotta love this canadian wildlife series.

Liked them all by the way !The dragon coin looks pretty cool by the way !


the dragon is really nice but I think besides the wolf also the one with the highest premium

Impressive!Thanks for the post

Amazing blog sir... really interesting... :)

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