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I wouldn't dismiss the idea of silver being a form of money so easily. Of course its value is lower than that of gold - but perhaps thats just the advantage.
If the value of gold rises drastically, the gold coins will be too valuable to cover all purposes. Then something else - like silver, or even other expensive metals like tungsten or copper - will be needed as "small change". Like, if a ounce of gold is the equivalent of todays 50k US$ in purchasing power, how you gonna pay for your morning coffe then? With some microscopic spec of gold? Or a coin that supposedly cointains this spec - but nobody can really check if it does? Thats when silver comes into the game.
But even if all that does not happen, there is another szenario. If a new industrial application is found for silver. In making better batteries, or whatever else. Keep in mind, that there will be millions and millions of electric cars being build soon, and battery technology is working full steam to find ever better batteries for that. Did you hear about the new 1 million miles battery, that the chinese just put on sale? Tesla has already made a deal to get them - or even make their own under licence.
1 million miles means, they have a life span of 1 million miles in average in a electric car, which is about 16 years or so, with the according number of charging cycles.
And if someone invents something that requires silver to produce it, they won't say that under no circumstances, until it is found out by someone. Because it would make the silver price skyrocket. First they will try to buy as much silver for cheap as they can.

Thats why I believe that its always a good idea to stash silver as well, not only gold. If you can afford it, of course. Unfortunatly many people are not able so save anything at all, no matter what it is. All those will be badly hit if the current system collapses.