Palladium Crosses $1900 for first time!

3개월 전

Crazy to think Palladium will most likely hit $2000 b4 Gold. If u told me that years back I’d of not believed it.
Also interesting that in 2019 at one point Gold was Higher by a few dollars....


See ya’ll in the AM

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Palladium it seems is the market which all Precious metals will look like if not manipulated as much. True shortage in the real market where metal is actually traded and delivered. Not selling paper shorts to get the price where ever they want it on any particular Friday. When will we see gold and silver freely traded.......The question, when will gold trade at 2000, I say late next year as faith is lost in fiat trade notes and turn to real assets.

And silver got hit pretty hard on friday. Whatever the reasons are. presumably the great economy - 200,000 people got jobs as part time Santas standing in front of some shop... :)


Ho Ho Ho merry Christmas 🎁🎄