First Time Coin Roll Hunting - We Got SILVER!

4년 전

I picked up a sealed box of half dollars $500 worth of them. Well we got some good results!


After watching some of these coin roll hunts on Youtube it got me thinking, hey I should try this out too! Glad we did, me and my bro had a blast opening them up and going through the coins. The best roll I would say is the one I had where I found a walking liberty, Franklin, and a 1964 Kennedy, all in the same roll!

Check out these enders!


Here is the total take
4 Franklin's
3 Walking Liberty's
1 1964 Kennedy
3 40% Kennedy's


There were also about 10 NIFC's we found but the silver is where it's at! Thanks for coming by my post! If you have done any coin roll hunting yourself, let me know down in the comment section!

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Great finds! I have been looking to get some coins like this because I like old US coins.


Thanks, the older coins are pretty cool to have.

Sweet. Nice roll hunt! Those walkers are a great find, especially for the price!


Thanks! It was a lot of fun, we actually got another box coming in today so I'm hoping for a good one!

Nice grabs there tex!

If I find a single silver in a bag from Brinks or a box from Loomis, I'm a very happy man indeed. That box was epic! I know this is an necro reply, but your post came up with I searched Steemit for "hunting silver." My best hunt so far was 180 40%'s in one pick up of 580 halves!


That's really good! Since this post my best boxes have been 99 - 40% in a box and another box had 50 - 90% silver coins. Been a while since I have had anything real good though. But it's knowing there is a chance for those epic boxes that keeps me on the hunt!


Yes, those are great finds! It's crazy how much silver is still out there in half bags and boxes.


I think a lot has to do with grandpa passing away and people just cashing in the coins not knowing what they had. Same goes for kids getting into dads stash when no ones looking.


Tonight I found a 2000 Wide AM penny and am pretty happy about it. It's in near uncirculated condition too. The last 1K of halves I did, I only found two 40%'ers. That's good enough!