New Chautauqua Silver Works TOXIC SERIES Silver Round

3년 전

I recently picked up this round from Chautauqua Silver Works. This is called Syringe Binge and is the first coin in the TOXIC SERIES. This proof like round has some pretty neat art work in my opinion.


Close up


This is #176 out of 200 total


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Sweet coin. Looks like it'll be a cool series.


Thanks, I think they just released the second coin in the series last week. I'll probably pick it up too.

Such an interesting design!! Chautauqua Silver Works does some really cool work. I really enjoy the Ounce of Prevention rounds from them. I like that they use a play on the Ben Franklin quote and that the they have such a common sense meaning. Thanks for sharing brother!!


Thanks for dropping by @dwingsworld! I'll have to check those out, haven't seen them yet!


Have you seen the blog entry on the company over at Phelimints website? It is pretty cool. Thanks again buddy!!

  ·  3년 전

love Ron's stuff, so much meaning and thought behind them. Do you have much of his other stuff?


This is the first silver piece that I have from Ron, I haven't seen his other stuff but will be checking it out for sure!

  ·  3년 전

He has quite a bit of stuff out there now, ounce of prevention, cryptic silver series, the previous toxic series - all awesome stuff!

Yeah, these are super cool man, I think he's pretty much sold out of these now as he keeps the mintage so low, bound to raise in value.


Yeah he only had a few left when I got this one from him. Thanks for the heads up on the Chautauqua Silver Works, I wouldn't have known about them if it wasn't for your post!

As a Nurse I sure know my Syringes, wow what discussions I've had with my staff and supervisors regarding unnecessary vaccinations. I always came prepared but the truth should be told even at the threat of unemployment. They can come up with a substitute base for those allergic to egg products, they can certainly come up with a Substitute to Timerosol etc. There are substitutes and I'd research the vaccine and make advanced request for toxic free vaccines. And I may just get this coin as conversation piece.


Right on @kerrislravenhill! There is a big controversy over vaccines these days which is part of the reason I wanted to get this coin. 50 years from now hopefully things change for the better, and someones grandchild can look at this coin and see what we were up against at this time in history.

Very cool round I've one from the time series I like the style a lot will try and get one of these if there are any left! :-)