Perth Mint 2018 Swan Silver Proof Coin due for release today!

3년 전

Screenshot-2018-3-5 Buy 2017 Australia 1 oz Silver Swan BU Online Perth Mint 2017 Silver Swan Bullion Coin APMEX.png

Oh the waiting and excitement for the chance to get a good deal on one of these coins right when they get released! As many of you know, last year Apmex released the proof swan and then continued to raise the price every 15 minutes or so. I just hope they come out at a good price and don't just start the selling price over $100. They could, they might...... who knows. But I would be in for one if they come in at a decent price and I am able to catch it in time.

Screenshot-2018-3-5 Upcoming Releases The Perth Mint.png

Would be nice to see a new design for the 2018 year. We will have to wait and see! Will you be buying the 2018 swan proof coin? Anyone else besides me constantly checking their computers to see if they have been released yet? Release is supposed to be 7pm EST but I want to catch it if there is an early release.

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Love these coins @grizzman, I will definitely be refreshing my screen. As you say hopefully the price is reasonable. Love the quality of finish of the proof coins. Very interesting to see thr design they come out with.

Thanks for the heads up.


They are pretty nice looking, I sure hope to snag one today.

ill be watching for sure


Keep your page on refresh!

Perth mint do some nice coins. The swan is a ripper. I’m sure it’ll sell out quickly.


Going to be interesting to see what happens when they go on sale.

Really nice looking coin, I can see why everybody is desperate for one.