Something Cool Came In The Mail TODAY!!!

3년 전


Today I received something really cool in the mail, my first 2018 Silver Eagle! I entered a raffle that @willsparks88 was holding and actually won! Whenever I order Silver Eagles I usually just get the random year ones so having this 2018 coin is pretty cool to me! This coin is spotless and would probably pull an MS70 Grade, no bull!

If you haven't been to @willsparks page you should head over and give him a sub. He is into silver and gold, cryptos, and NASCAR! He actually has another raffle going right now with only a few spots left Make sure to stop by and say hi!

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Nice post..
Thanks for sharing.. I find a new information from you @grizzman

Thanks man!! Glad you like it!!


For sure man! Thanks!

Awesome! Congrats Grizz!

nice grizz!


thanks, it's really nice!

Hey grizz you must have quite the silver collection, some day the value will go up I hope.


I just started collecting last year, so far the stack is coming along nicely! Thanks!

That's awesome you won the raffle! A nice looking coin as well, cool man! :)


I was pretty surprised when I found out I won the coin, thanks @apolymask!



That's great! Congrats!