SteemSilverGold Community : Nick Name Contest Entry

3년 전

Here we are ready for another bot in this community. This time a TRUE community bot, something I can definitely get behind. And just like anything else born into this world, it is going to have to be named. Here is my entry.

We need a bot that will go into battle and fight for us, have great honor, untold amounts of respect, but most of all loyalty. Only one thing comes to mind when I try to figure out what name would fit the bill. I present to you - The Silver Warrior.

steem warrior-1.jpg

The Silver Warrior will fight for what is right, slay us with up votes, and have loyalty like no other to the #steemsilvergold community.

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Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold


Thank you!

Thats a pretty good name I like it!



That dude looks scary. Needs to polish up that armour and make it silver shiny! :)


lol, yeah a more silver shine would be nice!