2018 Rwanda 1 oz Gold Lunar Year of the Dog: What Is It Worth?

4개월 전

Hi, stackers!




I am considering selling this beautiful gold coin, but the collectible coin market in Norway is pretty small, and consists mostly of Goldens Eagles, Maple Leaf etc.

I have not seen this coin for sale only for a while, but it was like 3000 (or 3500?) USD.

What do you informed stackers think it is worth: 2, 3, 4 or even 5000 USD?

Your opinions are highly appreciated, and if you are interested as well that would be most satisfying.


Goldcoin Janusface.

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I have this beauty in silver but never seen it in gold 😍 really beautiful.
Not sure what The price is tho... I know my silver 😜 lol
Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful week. Cheers!

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Sorry, but I could not find info on Ebay or Numista.


I do not think there are any of this coin for sale right now, but the marked value should be pretty high. I cannot list it on ebay as I have not sold anything on ebay before. Do you perhaps know of other intenational sites where you can sells gold coins?


If you go here: https://bullion.directory/eu-gold-dealers/ you might find what you are looking for.