Palladium Still on a Tear

2년 전

The other-other white metal is still rocking and rolling and is now priced $200 an ounce more than its yellow kissing cousin Gold at around $1,550 / ounce. Just nuts!!!


For the last several years, palladium has climbed on an interesting confluence of both supply constraints and new market demand trends. New demand is structural in nature with regulatory automotive demands in the West and China driving continued increases in demand. Along with this you have the major producer of over half of the world's supply of Palladium, South Africa, turning into a political basket case and you get a classic supply and demand speculative squeeze set-up that doesn't seem to want to stop.

I've recently rolled some profits in both Palladium and Rhodium into Crypto as I'm hoping not to be too greedy this time around.


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Palladium having a very good day, maybe everything else will follow!

Nice trade. I have never bought palladium, but I kind of think this is slightly bullish for silver too. The demand for metals is there ( Perhaps we will see a similar surge in silver going forward?


I hope you are right, out of all of the metals, I own by far more silver at these ridiculous prices

Simply amazing! Perhaps this is the real steam power of the pm markets (i.e. Pd is less manipulated and so it is showing us what should really be happening?) ...just a thought. 😎👍


You could be right...volume is thin as well so there is not much short selling available. Lease rates on this a getting pretty high too so it would be a very dangerous short.

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