100 gram Silver Round ~ Oh My... Stack Baby STACK...

2년 전

So I have Several of the Scottsdale 2 oz Stacker Rounds and wanted to see what the 100g(3.215oz) Round looked like...IMG_0700.JPG
OH MY!!!
Same Observe and Reverse ~ Just More Silver

NeXt on my list is the 5oz Scottsdale Round!

Still 3 days left to enter the contest to win one of my 2 oz Silver Scottsdale Rounds ~ Click Link Below:


Until next time STACK ON...

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That’s some tasty hardware! I’ve never had a “stacker” but it’s going on the list!

Cool bro!


Definitely needs to be a part of every stackers Stack! Stack on Brother...


👊😎 On da list!

Mission, that is a massive paperweight of Silver!!! I like it, I like it a lot.
By the way, I just saw in one of your posts you may partake in a cigar or 2. If you are ever looking for someone to join in on group buys, I would be down for that.


Paperweight Indeed! I like a cigar every now and then with a good scotch/bourbon... I never done group buys but if I ever do I'll keep you in mind! Stack On!!!

Fancy! Love the crowned lion!


I'm a sucker for lions! Esp the Silver ones...lol

The coin is gorgeous :D and Happy New Year by the way ;)


Happy New Year Friend! I hope 2018 is Wonderful for YOU...:)

Nice! I was just posting about how much I love stackable silver :)


Stack on My Man...

Stack Baby STACK..😆😆😆


To the Moon My Friend...:)


I have been looking at those rounds, they sure are damn good looking.
nice score!


I have this weird need to have to purchase more...lol


im fighting the urge soooooo hard.
i might not make it through the night.

Those thick 2oz stackers are really neat. Talk about the perfect stacking round. Stack those babies... to the moon! @ironshield


To the Moon they Go!!!:)

Wow now that is one thick coin! I bet it feels great in hand!


It's Magical... I can only imagine what the 5oz feels like...lol

Love the crowned lion!

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