My Donation @ssg-community Monster Raffle: 2 Ounce Silver Bullion Pharaoh!

2년 전


What's happening?

It's donation time to the silver and gold community that I'm extremely proud to be a part of on Steemit since launch.

Why are we all donating?

They are running a raffle soon to help raise funds for future group initiatives.

Want to know more details?

Just head over to @ssg-community and keep an eye out when tickets go on sale, it's a fantastic opportunity to increase your stack!


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Well played sir, well played indeed... ❤️

Nice one, I think that will pull in a ton of tickets! 👍

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

OOoohhh, nice.... this will look great next to my Cleopatra!! ;)
I'd better get more tickets!

  ·  2년 전


That is a great donation, good choice @o07life . I love the pours from @Pit-Bullion.

  ·  2년 전

It's definitely a nice piece, which will find a good new home!

That is a great looking piece, after getting 3 more items from R.C.S. Lately, I think this would look great in my collection. Thanks for the generous add!

Another Work of Art from @pit-bullion.
Resteemed to have greater publicity. Thanks.

You are pure amazing! You rock! ♥️

Excellent piece my friend. Hope that I win it. 👍

Awesome donation o07! Someone is going to be very happy when that shows up 😁👍👍

Wonderful addition to the pot! Whoever wins that will be very happy! Awesome donation!

Nicely done! That's a great great prize!

Sounds great o07life ! will have to watch out for it!💕❤✌