Another Week Another Coinstar Machine Score!

2개월 전

I keep checking the machines every chance I get. I have started checking newspaper machines, soda machines, and of course I continue to check the coinstar machines. I had a good week despite not finding silver again. Check out what I found this last week!

  1. 1993 Lincoln Penny


  2. A couple of older Canadian Dimes (1972 and 1989)


  3. Three NEWER Canadian Dimes (1992, 1999, and 2003)


  4. A couple of older Canadian Nickels (1976 and 1978)


I say older on some of those Canadian dimes and nickels but really they aren't that old. Not old enough to be silver anyway!

But they do have varying designs of the queen so I think they deserve some sort of distinction from the one another.

Anyway, that was my score this past week.. sadly no silver again. I did however find plenty of coinage to re-energize my hunting for the next few weeks! Cheers!

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Kick ass @plaid! Its been ages since I found a coinstar score!


Thanks man! Keep looking... it happens!

Those Copper Coated Zinc Pennies don't seem to do very well...

I bet we return to Copper U.S. Pennies in the very near Future...
Or perhaps, we won't be tossing them on the Ground any longer...
October 4, 2019... 16.9 Hollywood Time...


Man, I was excited when I first glanced and saw all the shiny in that tray... all those dimes, I figured I'd find some silver for sure... no luck this time, better luck next time!


Just remember... There are those who can take away your Up-Votes, but they can't take away the Knowledge you Gain here in Steemit Land...
October 6, 2019... 15.5 Hollywood Time...


Thanks @pocketechange... I appreciate the support! :)

Well, I guess a fucked-up penny and some Canadian "money" is better than finding a piece of chewed gum. I guess.


Hey man, don't knock her Majesty's coinage... That change would buy 1/32 of a small half calf mocha latte at Starbucks. 🤣


That would be one yummy sip! Thanks, Canadian coins!


HAHA! Living in BorderTown® USA I find a lot of Canadian coins... I don't mind, there's quite a few exchanges in town. :)

Great score! I like the young Elizabeth on those nickels!

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Yeah, they're fun to see! Thanks for stopping by @silversaver888!