2018 Reverse Proof 90% silver U.S. coin set coming out.

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On July 23 at noon a reverse-proof U.S. coin set is being offered from the San Francisco Mint.
Normally I don't get into numismatic coin purchases but I really like the look of reverse-proof coins and I am going to try to buy one of these sets.
It will come with a Dime, the 5 2018 Quarters, a Half-Dollar all in 90% silver and include a Dollar coin, Nickel and Penny.
I can't find any info on the amount that will be minted but if it's on the low side, I might buy two sets.
Another reason I want this set is because I really like the Apostle islands Quarter and think it will look amazing in reverse-proof. The Voyageurs one is great too.
I included a pic of the 2018 Quarters and some reverse-proofs from years past.
What do you guys in the Steemsilvergold community think of this set?
Let me know below!
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Might be fun, especially if the penny and nickel are pure silver too. :D


I believe the 5 quarters, half dollar and dime are the 90% silver, the dollar coin, penny and nickel are reverse proof but not silver, still cool coins though!


Yes, it is pretty cool; and I have a lot of silver mix US coins, for their metal value. My Brother collect coins but I have never been bit by that specific bug, LOL. :D