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Ever think that you could get paid to use the internate? Well the future is here! Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce BRAVE!


Brave operates a web browser that eliminates those pesky ads. It safe, it doesn't share you information and it pays you to use it!


Brave has teamed up with BAT (basic attention token) and users are paid in BAT for viewing ads and surfing the web.

It's kinda like steemit on steroids! Your able to tip content creators with BAT that you earn from viewing ads and use the web browser. They also hand out Grants that can be used to tip creators.

Here is a down load link

Once you down load here is what you will see.


It is super simple to navigate through.


Now why would @raybrockman be sharing all this information with you?

Steem Silver Round 2020

Now if you remember I told you that content creators can be tip buy web users. So basically if you own a website or for that fact you can even use YouTube, then you can get your website verified and be eligible for Brave Tips.

So I took the time to get verified, yes you can tip the website.


Now once you start using the brave web browser you can easily tell what websites are verified and are able to recieve tips. You can see by the picture above that the top right corner shows a check mark, that indacates that the website that you are visiting has been verified by brave and is accepting tips.

Now tipping is easy, simple and free here take a look


So when you click on the BAT logo in the top left corner, this is what pops up. You simply click on send tip and select the amount of BAT you want to send.

So why would you want to send A BAT tip to the steem silver round website?

Here's where it get juicy. I will leave the SSR website verified until the next round is produced, at that time I will pull all of the tips and use them to off set YOUR cost for the 2020 steem silver round.

Could you imagine getting a custom Steem Silver Round below spot, what about getting an oz of silver for $10.00, trust me its all possible with tips, remember tips are free to you to send to whomever you want to. So why not use them for your own purchase of silver.

I would love to hear everyones thoughts on this.

You have to get started by clicking the link below. Now before you decided to not use this referal link, you have to lnow this..... for everyone that signs up under the steemsilverround link, brave will send A BAT TIP to steemsilverround.

Look guys and gals this is a win, win for you.

Here is that link

By the way, the 2020 Steem Silver Round is closer than you think.

Thanks for your support




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Hi @raybrockman! I recently scoured the internet looking for a way to convert my BAT tokens to Steem but had zero success at finding anything. This post you have made is the closest thing to what I am looking for so I am going to go to your site and tip you 10 BAT.

I keep hoping that someone like @blocktrades starts supporting such conversions but I guess for now I will start sending you my BAT. The only thing that I have previously used them for is sending a tip to @steempeak to help support them.

Cheers and Happy Steeming!


Hey man Thanks! Yeah its a little struggle right now on being able to pull your Brave rewards off of the browser. This seemed like the best way for me to put my own BAT to a good use. It is easy to pull it off if your are a verified content creator. So what the hell, lets get some cheap silver. Appreciate the support and tips!


You are welcome.


And we do appreciate it.

YAY!!!! That is a very cool thing to see. The fact that you are doing this helps me feel like we will have a 4th+ issuance of the steem silver round. I look forward to a decade of rounds in a frame on my wall and in my stack!


Its gonna happen, just trying to get it as cheap as I can this year, and the BAT tips will help out a lot!!!!



Thank you for the work and drive to make it happen!!!!

I have just started using Brave and am really like it so cool you added the Steemsilverround site to it :)


Thanks buddy, hopefully it'll get the cost for everyone who orders the 2020 steem round CHEAP!!! Thanks for the support.


Once i build up some bat tokens i will try and support ;)


Keep an eye open for grants that they send you, say like all of sudden 20 BAT show up in your wallet, if you do not use it within a certain time frame you loose them. Just a little FYI


Thanks that's good to know :)

When I get some I will through some over to ssr!👍


Thanks @tbnfl4sun, appreciate the support.

Does it only work on android Ray?


Nope my son has it in his IOS


Good to know. When i get a chance I’ll check it out. Don’t do much surfing but why not try it

YOu know me, @raybrockman. It may be difficult for me to try this, but I shall. Thanks.


Thanks saver888!😎🍺

Awesome @raybrockman.... looking forward to the 2020 Steem Silver Round!!🤗


It'll be intresting, but to be honest, I'm ready to do it again. Thanks silvertop!

Awesome @raybrockman!!! I just started using Brave, and my next payout is March 5 (wallet is empty😞) and a tip will be on the way then!!!!
Too bad I already signed up before your post....🙃

I discovered if you have a Ledger Nano S there are zero fees to withdraw your BAT to your Ledger connected ( MEW ) wallet.
Everyone needs to get Brave, this is fantastic what you are doing, looking forward to the 2020 SSR !!!🤗


Thanks for doing this Ray. This is a great way for the community to support the project and lower everyone's cost!!