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Could there be a Antidote?

I was reading an article where a much older scientist has come up with a potential antidote.


They article was very lengthy, and there appeared to be alot of research and testing to back it up. The only concern was, that we are still early in this world outbreak. They only problem is that there would only be enough antidote to cover 2% of the worlds population.

Now as serious as this outbreak is, it is very hard to get some actual current figures of people who have been infected. There is speculation that China is not reporting actual numbers of cases and is now being blamed for "Super Spreaders". Now unfortunately, now a days it is hard to determine if what you are seeing or reading is true.

I do believe that the outbreak is much more serious than what is being told. Thats one of the reason I was glad that I stumbled upon this article. I will try and provide a link to the article at the end of this post.


Now the antidote is painless and appears to work instantly.

The directions must be followed exactly with no deviation from any steps.

  • You will need 3, 16 oz glasses of water. The water must be at natural room temperature. Once the water has reached the right temperature you will need to add 2, 30 gram silver Chinese Pandas to each glass. Now the Pandas need to sit in the water for 32.5 minutes. Once the Pandas have been in the water for 32.5 minutes you will be ready to start the treatment.


  • Next you will need to say out loud 3 times "Fiat is not real" then drink the 1st glass of water. Wait 6 minutes and continue with another glass until all glasses have been drank.

  • if symptoms continue then the treatment can be done again until symptoms go away.

If the symptoms remain then you probably actually have the CORONAVIRUS and should seek some medical attention.

I am not a doctor and this antidote may not work for everyone. 😉



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Hahahaha.... I have a box of N95 masks.... but I do have several silver Pandas too. So I am good!!!! Hehehe. Loved this!
Have a great evening, mu friend @raybrockman. Take care 🥰🌺🤙


😎🍺 thanks saver888

Do I take the panda silver out of the plastic case first?


What if it's just in a plastic I need to fill both sides???


For best results, you should!!

Classic Brockman!


Whats happening BIG D? Hope all is well with you and the fam!


Hiya Ray! The boys are happy and healthy so everything is aok, but Fak man! Me and my stack have been getting ground down like a mofo...
Also, turning 50 next month — WTF!!! — so feeling things a little harder than usual I guess. Getting old is deffo not for pussies 😲🤣😜👊😎


Also, have a looky-loo at xlm (stellar lumens) my spidey-senses are tingling... 🤑👍

LOL!😂😂 could try drinking the silver (colloidal silver). That might also increase your worth too, lol!😂 It also might work quicker than the Panda cure.😁 Thanks for making me smile!


Your welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

I heard @silverstackeruk has been self medicating for years in preparation for such an outbreak. Rumour has it that he licks every SILVER round, bar and coin he's ever received. Who would have known silver was the cure to a lot of things


To answer the question " who would have known silver was the cure to a lot of things".....2% of us😉🤣🤣🤣

Unfortunately, much less than 2% of humanity have 6 30g Pandas. Would it work if the old 1oz Pandas were used?

Might be a good antidote, but side-effects do include a strong dose of stackitis!

You make a good point though. I wonder if I'll even be able to get my pandas this year.