Did some say pumpkin carving contest?

3년 전

It so nice to be able to join in on some contest, most of the time I seem to be giving the contest or give aways. Well when I stumbled across @goldmatters post about a MENE pumpkin carving contest I new I had to join in on this one. You can find @goldmatters post about it right here.

So lets see I just did a pumpkin carving post yesterday, so what Could I possibly come up with? It had to say MENE on it and It had to represent their product somehow.....🤔 let me see..

Screenshot_20181022-190615_Samsung Internet.jpg

Okay ghost would be a good tie in for a pumpking carving. Lets keep looking...

Screenshot_20181022-190637_Samsung Internet.jpg

Okay, I think I have it. Lets get to carving... brb.

At this point you can take a break, get a drink, maybe some popcorn also.....

Alright ready for the big reveal. Now wait a minute, should I wait until day 6 and post it, na it aint about the steem, its about promoting Real Money...


Yeah its a pumpkin, here is the proof


Wait I think we need some more power pellets, brb


This baby has a permanent home next to suagar skull on the front porch for the next 9 days.


Here is the call out, so boys get your knifes out.

Screenshot_20181022-192701_Samsung Internet.jpg

For more information on MENE click here

Big thanks to @goldmatters for always giving back to the community and diffently for promoting Real Money, cause lets face it gold does matter.

Thanks for stopping by and get to carving.


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Ha ha ha!! This is so awesome ray!! I can’t believe how quickly you pulled off this high quality Mene pumpkin :) Nothing beats 24k ghosts and pacman, very nice job :) resteemed


Appreciate it buddy, thanks for the resteem

That’s a lot of awesome right there Brockman!!!

I’ll see what i can do...

Strange, never saw this tag... @raybrockman... is this an excel spreadsheet contest cause otherwise I am a sad pumkin carver.


I think there was a misspelling originally, thats why I tagged you as well :)

AWESOME!!!! I better d mine fast before everyone else has the same design idea!!!

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