Dollar Do What?

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If a dollar is always going to be a dollar, then silver will always be silver!


Some people look at inflation the worng way. Its not that things cost more to produce now, its that the dollar is worth less. Remember a dollar will always be a dollar. With that being said why would you continue to invest in dollars?

Maybe you do not think of the dollar as an investment, but really it is. When something can go up or down in Value it is classified as an Investment.


So think about this, if the dollar goes up and down on value, should you get paid more when the dollar is worth less? See one of the hardest thing to do is to stop looking at the dollar as being worth $1.00, I mean after all we have all been trained to price things to the dollar.

Countries Monetary systems collapse,We have all seen it, or heard of it. Nothing worse then seeing you life savings dwindle down to nothing. I've not lived a long life, but I can recall back in the late 90's I watched my 401k account shrink by 53% in less than 7 days. This next coin says it all, ⤵️⤵️


Now if you have never experienced this before, then consider yourself lucky but also consider yourself warned, because you will see it.


Alot of things in this world are distorted by the dollar. There are alot of things that look to be expensive but really are not. Years back after my substantial loss in my 401k account I started investing in silver and gold. Mainly my investments are in silver but there has been a time or 2 that gold was on the top of my list.

Silver is so undervalued right now and is screaming out "BUY ME". So if your new to silver and gold, then you are probably trying to figure out which on to invest in.

Well its simple, we call it the SILVER TO GOLD ratio. I'll explain this pretty quick for you!!!

Back in 1792 the us fixed into law the gold to silver ration at 15 to 1, no the key word there is "fixed into law" yes its still a law. Anyways what it means is this, it should take 15 oz of silver to buy 1 oz of gold.

Now in my lifetime it has fluctuated pretty bad.

  • 1979 the Ration was 15 to 1

  • 1990 the ration was 107 to 1

  • 2010 the ratio was 32 to 1

  • 2020 the ration is 88 to 1

As you can see, in 1979 it was the right time to buy gold and in 1990 it was the right time to buy silver. 2010 is when I picked up more gold then silver and in 2020 its more silver than gold. Most importantly buy on the ratio not the price. This means that even if silver jumps up $20 an oz and is still 88 to 1 on the ratio, then continue to buy silver. Basically price is irrelevant and ratio is relevant.

Now I am not a financial advisor, nor is the financial advice. But if I was you, I would buy a little silver.

Stay tunned for more information.

Thanks for stopping by.



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I agree with you, it is a great strategy. Even I can't believe how fast the dollar is losing value even though I have known they were doing it!

I'm still stacking like a mofo!


Stack it up buddy!😎👊

I suspect silver is under-priced at the moment, and that the stock market boom indicates a bubble. The crisis of '08 wasn't allowed to properly liquidate malinvestment, and QE combined with war debt is a bad balance on the books. However, I am skeptical of anyone who wants to say what the gold/silver ratio should be. They are market commodities that fluctuate on their own. The people who decry gold and silver as money treat the failures of bimetallism price fixing controls as a failure inherent in sound money.


Well put buddy!! Thanks!

I play the ratio game, but i also buy big dips to lower my average cost per ounce


Professional stacker, y'all pay attention to this guy⤴️

I read someplace that what you could buy with $1 in 1913, with $1 in 2013 you could only buy 4% of it. Yes, the dollar lost 96% of its value in only a hundred years. Who is the culprit? Look at the year 1913...


96% wow! Thanks Ron

Good strategy, @raybrockman! Stack both fiat and precious metals!
Have a good evening, and take care 🥰🌺🤙


You to saver888

88 to 1 ....🤔😳 You are so correct if you haven't lived through the up's and down's of the markets you most definitely will!!!
For me another indicator is the Spot plus Premium price. I have seen Silver sell at Spot, and then sell at Spot plus $2.00 crazy....
Where I live, it was always 30 to 60 cents over Spot, now I'm looking at $2.00 over for generic Silver rounds!!
Someone want's to retire!!!😳


That could be their way of making up for the loss, lets say they over bought at $16 and now we are pushing $18, they gotta male it up somehow.


Very true....I guess I need to buy on line, I really enjoy looking/ shopping at the LCS. It's also interesting to see people walking into the store to sell for fiat....🤔🙃

Once you see the corruption and manipulation you can't unsee it. But trying to explain it to sheeple that still have faith in the banking system is much harder than it sounds.

I can't even get Mrs W to fully comprehend what's going on. I've even resulted to a show and tell. The crazy thing is even when you present people with facts, they still question it.


Some people can see it with a 10 watt buld and some people need the 100 watt bulb. Just as long as they see it.


My oldest son thinks everything is fine, and Dad is nuts...
Sometimes you need to live through the up's and down's to have that lightbulb go off!!🤔

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