Final week, Final Push

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Can you feel it, yeah, I know you can! The earth is beginning to rumble gently and there seems to be a coldness is in the air and the silver stack is getting bigger and bigger each day. There has been such an awesome response fron the #steemsilvergold community with their donations to the Monster Raffle.

So I am sure by now everyone is wondering how we are doing with ticket sales. Well lets use some pictures to describe it.

Monster raffle 1 ⤵️


Monster Raffle 2 ⤵️


Monster Raffle 3 ⤵️


So in Monster Raffle 2 we sold $1,178 tickets. Now things where a little different back then, steem and sbd where close in price and we allowed tickets to be purchased in steem or sbd. Now monster raffle 3 tickets are only in SBD since steem has taken a little dive. So some of you maybe wondering why it was so important to sell tickets only in sbd? Well take a look at our current total.

Screenshot_20181117-190944_Samsung Internet.jpg

so yep, we are a week away and have sold over 1050 tickets, which has produced @ssg-community over 1,700 steem, now remember our leases are paid in steem, so good things are happening right know with @ssg-community. 1,700 steem buys you a lot of steem power.


Now I am still looking to add some more members to the Horseman club, we are currently up to 5, @tbnfl4sun, @thedamus, @fat-elvis, @pbock and @raybrockman. All you have to do is buy 100 tickets and if you buy a 100 tickets, i will send your ass some free silver and enter you into the private raffle for a 10oz silver bar. Not bad huh! $95 for a chance at 11 oz that puts it at about $8.50 an oz.

So Dig Deep!


Throw in some silver donations and buy some tickets. This raffle will be EPIC. Don't be a sideline sitter jump in with both feet.


Dear Precious,

There are now 5 horseman, I am sure that we will hit 6 before its all said and done. We have a pot of power boiling up for you, just keep doing what you do and we will keep doing what we do.

Much love!


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Another EPIC post man! Talk about Asskickery!!!


so we got which horsemen ?
Is that decided by a tombola between us 😅 ?

I want to be Mr. soaK !

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Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

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You're Killn it Ray!


Keep doing what you do @raybrockman! You rock!!!