Keeping the Tradition!!

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I had the fortunate luck to spend 20 years of my younger life working for 2 different Grocery Store Chains. If you know anything about grocery stores then you are well aware that from Feburary 8th through the 14th all hands are in Floral.


That was back when you didn't see all these blop and drop floral arrangement displays. You know ones with the prearranged bouquets. Nope back then they where all hand done and if you where arranging them, then it was your creation.

Well 30 years ago on Valentine's, I arranged Lisa her Valentine's gift. Every since them I make it a point to arrange her flowers every Valentine's. I will tell you it seems to be getting harder and harder to find some quality flowers. So for those guys out there that are scared of trying to add your own touch and be creative. Let me show you how simple it is.


You will need a vase, scissor and of course lots of flowers. (Yes use that little pack of floral food they provide)


Start with your main attraction first, in this case it will be a dozen Red and a dozen white roses.


Once you get all of the roses in that you want then you will need to add some filler, this is easy, just pick something or the color that she likes, as you can see Lisa likes Yellow.


See not hard at all, now throw in a couple of her Favorite bottles of wine and she'll treat you like a king!


Now in the morning I'll get my youngest son to run them up to her work and leave them at the front door. So she'll have a nice surprise when she gets to work in the morning.

Easy simple and got some silver.

Now you should have know that this post was going to talk about silver at some point😉. So just for SHITS AND GIGGLES today I called a florist to see what it would cost me for 1 dozen red roses and to have them delivered......


Now by no means, I am not saying Lisa is not worth $125. But lets be honest, I just spent $45, did them myself and she got twice as many flowers (it matters guys how many you get her) so all in all, i got me 3 oz of silver out of it.🤣🤣🤣.

Happy Early Valentine's

Yall keep stacking


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Love that you got more silver out of the deal!!

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@raybrockman thank you for Sharing This especially about the Grocery Store experience. That is The First Job I had before I got out of High School.

I'm like you Ray. Been putting my own together for years. I've done retail, but also had a friend who owned a big flower shop. I delivered for him many Vakentines Day and Mothers Day as well. Learned a few tricks if the trade

Looks beautiful Ray, I wish both of you a very Happy Valentine's day!!!🤗

You big softy RB. Fair play to you they look fantastic, and you saved yourself 3oz of silver in the process.