Special skull!

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Now we all have our favorites. One of the important things about stacking silver is having pieces that you like or that are special to you. I mean generics will get boaring to you so every now and then you need a spicy piece.


This is my "SPICY" piece.

I mean, 1st its a YPS 1 oz skull which is a pretty cool piece to start with. Then you add the expertise of Pit Bullion with a 24k gold gild.


Now as you can tell, these skulls come with a COA, but they are also numbered which is not normal for the YPS skulls. This one is stamped on the back.


There where only 100 of these skulls produced which makes them as rare as you can get. As you can see, I have number 18 of 100.

Whats you "spicy" Piece?

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Thanks for stopping by!

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YPS + Pit Bullion has got to be at the top of the charts for silver porn for sure.

I don't have any YPS stuff yet but I've got a few hand pours from Pit. The Anarchy Hex from Pit would probably be my best silver piece.


Agreed. I love my pit-bullion anarchy hex too.


The hex Anarchy is a very cool piece!

Very nice! I'm not sure I have just yet what I would call my 'spicy' piece, but when I find it, I'll share! Have a good evening!


Number Eighteen.... that's low....I love the Gold gild it gives it that glowing look!!😀


Pictures really do not do it justice, Thanks!

Very cool piece bro. I really like it.


Yes sir! Glad I got ahold of one, it is a very cool piece, thanks FE

That is very nice, @raybrockman. I recall sending my very first hand-poured silver to Pit many years ago to be gilded in gold. I love his work. Thanks for sharing this with us. Take care. 🥰🤙🌺


He does an awesome job! Thanks saver888

Thar be a tasty morsel, Y’arrrr! ☠️💀☠️


Whats happening brother, good to see you! 😎🍺


Fighting the fight brother man! 👊😎