Steem Silver Round Funding project Update

5개월 전

Well its been 24 hours since the funding of the 2020 Steem silver round project started and what a 1st day.


Think about this, right now at the current BAT price and the current Silver price it takes 58.5 BAT to buy 1 oz of silver at spot. So in 24 hours we where able to collect enough tips to pay for 1 oz of silver. It gets better check out this next picture.


Thays an additional $36.50 in referral rewards. So all in all we managed to gain enough rewards and tips to pay for over 3 oz of silver.

I dont want to seem to optimistic but this could be a game changer for the 2020 Steem Silver Round.

So keep those tips coming and if you arent using the Brave browser then use this link to get it.

Then once you have it installed, open it. Once its opened go visit and gives us a tip.

Original post

Summertooth post

Thanks for the support and keeping the STEEM SILVER ROUND alive.


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I guess I'm a little late to the party, but I just sent a BAT tip as well! I was thinking, why not make a Steem post once a week or something and apply the rewards from that towards the 2020 rounds in the same way?


Excellant idea as well. Already have the @steemsilverround account set up. Between that and the BAT tips I have a feeling we are gonna be looking at a much cheaper 2020 steem silver round! Thanks Yabapmatt!!!!

You can add two more on that total @silvertop and @elizabethbit....Patiently waiting for next month LOL!!🤗


Appreciate it silvertop! 😎🍻

Tipped ya'!

Appreciate this project man. Looking forward to the 2020.


Appreciate it buddy!

Done :0) What an easy way to support the steemsilverround!


Thanks Hippie!!!!😎🍻

I installed Brave using your link and everything is all right. Of course, I have zero BATs, but as soon I have some, the tip will be in its way.


Thanks Ron, every now and then Brave will issue out grants, watch for them. If you do not use them then you loose them.

That is pretty awesome @raybrockman! I will be sending another tip next month when my rewards for this month get processed!


Appreciate it sir!

Looks like this might catch on Ray! Nice job. @yabapmatt has a good idea about a post a week to go to the round. Now is the time to do this stuff to get an actual headstart on 2020. Love it.

Okay, I signed up using your link. I have zero BAT, but will send regular tips as I am able!

Buddy, you put the G (money) in Genius!

I think bringing back the idea of a weekly post is a good idea. Also, it would be cool if everyone in SSG did the same and them we could all upvote the posts.

If we started this early, between the brave rewards and steem payouts, then I think we might get the rounds way below spot.