Updated Steem Silver Round Fundraisers.

4년 전

It's yours all you got do is enter

Alright Steemians and SSG members, we are 2 days into the fundraiser. Now to go over this really quick, this is kinda like a raffle. The #steemsilvergold community is trying to raise some SBD and Steem to go towards the 2018 steem silver round, this way the cost will be closer to spot silver price. If you remember last year the steem silver round was retailed at $22.50 when it first came out. We are trying to get our retail down below $20.00

So I decided to do a little week long raffle to raise some money and to give away some silver to one l lucky winner. Here is what's up for raffle.


that's 10 oz of the purest .9999 silver you can get your hand on. Now what it takes to enter is easy, it's 5 SBD or 5 Steem, send it to @raybrockman and in the memo line type steem silver round. Raffle will be open for another 5 days.

Here are you entries so far.

@armshippie 1 entry

@mk12mod1 1 entry

@stackinag47 1 entry

@jbcoin 1 entry

@phelimint 2 entries

@summertooth 1 entry

@thedamus 1 entry

@stnwllstrtgc 1 entry

All SBD and Steem donated will be sent to @steemsilverround , this account is set up just to take donations for the 2018 steem silver round

So 9 entries so far, calling on all my stackers from SSG, come one let's get the funds raised. You can enter as many times as you would like.

Here is the original post


Proud supporter of #steemsilvergold


Follow me @raybrockman

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@raybrockman you always have something great going on. I sent you 20 Steem. Love the idea of trying to get price lower, hopefully it will help more people get in on the buy.

You are good on your choice and I liked it


🤣 I hope someone makes this disappear. Not cool man, not cool.

steemsilver gold.
tgat's great to share

I want also like to send you steem but i don't have enough steem in my account what i'm doing is observe your pa rafle

Thanks again for the giveaway man, the design contest just started tonight for 2 weeks and I'm so freaking pumped to see what people come up with.

indeed a nice coin @raybrockman

Great shiny bud! I plan on posting more silver in the near future.

¡Wow! That's a nice coin.

It's awesome coin, best wishes to who have participated , thanks

This coin is awesome .

Thanks for the update post - somehow I missed the first one?
I'm in now.

  ·  4년 전

That's a real nice chunk of Silver. I'm in! Just sent you my entry Steem :)

Well there goes a quarter of the steem I just bought. Sent. I want that 10 ouncer, plus a cheaper steem coin.

Were getting closer! Just got done with a bar league hockey and was drinking a beer reading some steemit posts! I will be getting a few of those rounds as soon as they come available! Or I would be happy with just one! Good luck and let’s hope the SSG community can make this happen.👍🏼🍺🥓

Steem Silver gold showing us new way for earning coin. Great plan.
That's great share...

I’m in! Will send the SBD later today.

Really good idea.. awesome looking coin..

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I want in Ray. Just send you sbd?


I think I got it 😁 5 on the way.

Hey @raybrockman. Just sent you 10 SBD for 2 entries! Thanks man!

I will participate in the future! I promise!

WOW thats awesome!
Good luck to the entries!

Yeah good!