Who Needs Five Guys?

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Boy I love to eat! One of the good things about the Month of January for me is, new restaurants. See I spend about 20 days out of town in the Month of January and I always try to seek out restaurants that are local, I mean a Five Guys is a Five Guys know matter what town your in.


So I am in the big city of Enterprise Alabama doing an Inventory at one of our stores and stumbled upon this little gem. Now its locally owned and a One of a kind and I am sure that you can tell that Football plays a big part.


You see how I Purposely cropped out Alabama😉😁. So I chcked out the menu. First thing I noticed was it was simple and plain.


So at this Point I had to ask myself, What Would @thedamus ( The Real Burger King) get? So I went in with both feet and got the double touchdown burger. Now before I show the pic, you gotta understand that these are hand pattied Burgers, and fresh cut fries for each order. So these wont be pretty pictures or staged pictures, this is the real deal done by One Guy Not Five!


Thick is not even a word that could describe this Burger. Now I almost gave in and used a knife to cut it in half, lucky there where no Knives in this place. Being scared to ask for one, cause I didn't want to give the One Guy the impression that I was Burger Amateur, so I open wide and jump in.


Now I haven't experienced any after life or heaven but I am sure that if there is a burger joint in heaven, it's Touchdown Burgers.


Now the Cherry on top of this little Gem is the local hall of Fame, nothing says I am local better than a football wall dedicated to the high school football team.

So If for some reason you get lost in LA (lower alabama) then make it a point to stop in and visit the One Guy who is whipping Five Guys ass.

I am @raybrockman and its time for a nap...Buy Local when ever you can, it makes a difference!

Thanks for stopping by


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  • Simple menus
  • Handmade patties
  • Genuine pride in their local community

Those are the pillars of any real hamburger joint.

Reading your post my mouth started watering. Sure, there are many places to a get a good "generic" burger. These places range from the affordable to the pricey.

However, finding a place to get a REAL burger — well, there just aren't that many places around for that.

It looks like you found a real gem. If my travels ever take through that part of Alabama, I know where I'm going.

That looks like an awesome place for a burger. . . makes me hungry.

You had me laughing out loud for real buddy, and damn if that burger don’t look just right. 5 guys is a guilty pleasure but when you get fresh handmade — done right — you got a winner.
Man o man i want one of those bad, and it’s just 7:45 am here!!!

Man - almost a reason to get lost in lower Alabama... That looks like everything right with a burger and fries

Looks dam good Ray. I don’t do chain restaurants, i like my food made from scratch.

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That burger looks fantastic! No doubt about it!

It isn’t easy to find a place that does hand made patties and fresh cut fries these days.

Great post!

Everytime I travel to the US, Five Guys is a must stop for my burger needs. They are the best by far.

You say this is better? The pictures sure show tasty burgers. Visiting Touchdown Burgers some day will be in my Bucketlist from now on.

Cheers from Bolivia!

The Pictures Made my mouth water! Nothing better than fresh cut fries too!

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hey its looks tasty!!! tell about that!