Winner, winner, Bitcoin Dinner!!!

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Well my fundraiser Raffle has ended and we have a winner. We ended up with 40 entries and 1 winner. Here is the list of entries provided by random picker.




There you have it all 40 entries.


So lets draw...

Screenshot_20190429-064159_Samsung Internet.jpg

And the winner is....

Screenshot_20190429-064217_Samsung Internet.jpg


Congratulations @raddog you have won the 1 oz silver Bitcoin round, reach out to me in discord.

Now for this weeks fundraiser. Let see what I have here.


1 oz silver Libertad, and shes a beauty, tickets will cost the same, 1 sbd will get you one ticket. Raffle will run for 7 days. You can enter as many times as you like.

All proceeds will go to help fund the SSG at the Block Party This June.

Thanks for your support and congrats @raddog.


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Congrats to the winner! 😃

I did not understand; is there any possibility to make it somehow clear...???

Congrats to the winner! I am liking the looks of the Libertad Ray, could you put me down for one spot please?

Libertads are very nice coins to raffle off! A block party? We have a block party? I've been away for vacation, and just got back...
Have a great week, my friend, @raybrockman! Stack on!


Info on the Block Party is in this post:
Plans have been progressing for the past six months or so.



Hello, my dear @thekittygirl!!! Thanks for the link! Have a great week, my friend. Take care.🙂

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AWESOME! Thanks raybrockman and steemsilvergold fam!

4 spots please, sir. Thanks