It's been so long !! The stack is BACK(slowly but surely)

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So we just moved into our new house a few months ago which is all well and good. My wife wanted to get a Vivint security system (don't get me started on my hatred for these people and their installers) so happy wife happy life right ? Sure!! This doorbell makes the loudest notification both at the house and on my phone when someone rings it. This is NORMALLY the bane of my existence but this morning it was a most welcomed sound because I was waiting on something.
As I stated before I've been out of the game for a long time and you folks have inspired me to get back in and get my feet wet. So I had a bunch of cashback rewards on Amazon and ordered 3 2018 1oz Britania rounds!! The last .999 silver I had was around 4yrs ago when I sold my last 10oz Geiger bar for family medical reasons. Anywho I got these for a couple bucks over spot and I am pleased as all can be right now. I'll probably be taking advantage of the JM bullion deal on new orders of 10z @ spot and keep growing from there. Hopefully I'll have 20oz stacked by this time next month. Just thought I'd share with yall since it's kinda this groups fault(that's my story and I'm sticking with it lol). Here they are...aren't they beautiful!?! I LOVE the shine from BU silver!! Cheers !!

As always if you've made it this far (in this blog post or in life) you're awesome...stay that way.

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I've started a silver collection myself, received my 1st 10oz bar last month. I like the look of bars over rounds for some reason.


I like both but I do prefer bars over rounds, they have a certain feel to them. I think its a subconscious thing for me. Bars are for me mentally associated with wealth whereas rounds feel like bigger pieces of plain jane money.