There's gold in them there ram sticks...but is there an easier way?

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There's enough ram and slot processors right there to net a few grams of gold if you're the hoarding, cold calling, messy chemical, refining type of person. I'll admit I love recovering and refining gold from scrap computers but on the other side of that coin ITS A PAIN IN THE ASS!!! Like I said there's the cold calling scrap yards and computer repair places trying to source feedstock(don't even think of going on ebay), there's the "when are you going to process all that junk" you've gotta hear from your partner/wife/husband/ballnchain/whatevs. Next is the actual process of recovering the gold which is quite labor intensive since the gold fingers need to be cut off with a band saw or something as those are the easiest bits to get gold from. The chips on the face of the ram have really good gold but that recovery process involves lots of fire and VOCs BEFORE the chemical treatments. The chemical end of it can be quite hazardous if you aren't prepared to be safe (ie blindness, chronic bronchitis...DEATH). THEN there's treating the end chemicals to make take the metals out and render them inert. Oh did I mention you've still gotta melt the powder that you just refined? This is all stuff that I love to do BUT there's a much easier way to get you gold!!! Let me introduce you to Mene.
ram mene.jpg

Mene is a company that produces investment Jewelry...IE Jewelry made out of pure 24kt gold that can be traded back and forth for fiat in case of an emergency,retirement etc. Let's be honest Gold has been used as the universal store of value for millennia and with good reason. Now you can go through all of those arduous task or you can go HERE and just click and be done with it. They even take crypto for payment...does it get any better!?! In case you're wondering YES their stuff is BEAUTIFUL!! You get great jewelry and piece of mind that you've got pure gold and not gold PLUS some other stuff (copper, nickel etc).
Take a look at what I am hoping to make as my first purchase someday.


You can't tell me that's not slicker than snot in 18degree weather!!

As always if you've made it this far (in this blog post or in life) you're awesome...stay that way.

P.S. @goldmatters this was one of the entries I wanted to put together but the wife ate up all of my steemit time lol.

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@rodthrower what a clever and creative way of introducing Mene24K. You had me totally gripped by your content of recouping gold from RAM sticks, then you segwayed beautifully into showing us how there is no need for all that fuss and hassle.

@goldmatters, will really enjoy reading your post for sure, great work mate, pity about your wife using all your steem time.

For anyone who is new to Mene24K check the video below about their awesome referral program and then follow @goldmatters and @rodthrower to continue learning more about this innovative company.


Thanks for the support and thanks for reading the whole post. I always wonder who actually reads these.