Monster Raffle 4 MR4 Winners!!!

5개월 전

The Biggest Winner = @ssg-community

That's right we all won today. First I want to thank the 26 members who donated 33 prizes that we were all going after today. With out the prizes there would not have been many ticket sales!!

Thanks to @raybrockman for running the numbers, @knowledge-seeker for tracking ticket sales, and @dfinney for controlling the chaos of the giveaway!!!

We gave away 33 prizes, ~61oz of silver and 1 gram of gold!!!!

Drawing Stats!

  • 21 different winners
  • 7 multi prize winners




Prize list with winners spreadsheets.

Ticket Sales #'s

Stack on!! ~Senstless~


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Darn, for some reason I thought it was tomorrow 😅

well, I luckily got the Rune Round I was after, so that's good 😆

and grats @bengy !


Thanks! And congratulations to you as well


That was my first choice and I know you will love it!!!

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This year I wanted most of the donations.. sure I would love a 10oz bar, but most of these were premium in my eyes!! You did well, I l have noticed those who missed it did better than those who attended. I will have to plan to skip it next year.


and next year it'll be the inverse pattern, only those in the channel win anything 😅

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Thank you Mr. Spreadsheet....📑🗒


Thats the name I should have picked when I signed up... wonder if its still there.

Thanks @senstless and thank you for doing the prize spreadsheet. I agree @ssg-community was the big winner. As @thedamus always says.... Viva la SSG!


Thanks for tracking all the ticket sales... everyone always wants to know their numbers and how many are sold,

Woohoo! Thanks to everyone who donated and helped make this happen. It was fun and I am stoked on my win! 🎉🦄


That bar is soooo sweet! You got one of the best of many excellent donations!


Thank you! I’m so excited about it! Super grateful.


Congrats on the win!!! Next year must be my year!


@senstless you are a rockstar! Thank you so much for tracking all of this along the way and today. And for making this post.

🤗 🤗 🤗


Lol, you welcome for using this as my daily post... wasnt totally using this as an easy out

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@senstless thanx for all your work buddy!! Hapoy to have been involved and thrilled for the community! Thanks for sharing!!

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No problem - love to see everyone rally for these and raise so much money for the community

Woooooooooo this is the first monster raffle I won anything and I doubled down!


I got so stupid lucky on the first one that I will be losing for a while! Congrats on the win

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Thank you Mr. Sentsless for all you did! Way to keep it organized for the rest of us!


I will get your prize out in the next few days and let you know the tracking number!

Thank you @senstless , you and team ran a smooth and exciting event. I had a hard time getting any needed sleep afterwards.


I was fun, congrats on your win. i will get your prize out in a few days!

Great job guys! Always a fun event! When is MR5?


Hoping @welshstacker can work his magic again and keep the war chest full for a while. We got to get that 2019 steem round out first!

Lol and thanks to @knowledge-seeker for tracking ticket sales! 😉


Ah crap, I messed that up, thanks From, sorry @knowledge-seeker

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