AC/DC 2018 Five Dollar Silver Coin.

2년 전

Any AC/DC Fans on steemit, this is the latest offering from the Royal Australian Mint.
This proof coin is in the shape of a guitar pick and is made of silver plated in nickel.

Sourced from ramint.

It has a limited mintage of only 10,000 coins and it sold out very quickly at Aus$130.

Sourced from ramint.

What do you think of the awesome case in the shape of a guitar amp.

Sourced from ramint.

hope you enjoyed my post and thanks for the visit, cheers.

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These look so cool. The display case is amazing.


Looks awesome that's for sure, they were very popular as well sold out in no time, cheers mate.

I have to get me one of these coins before were on the highway to hell, lol. :o)


Looking at todays gold price we might be on the highway to hell bro, cheers matey.

"Back in black" awesome coin love it.


Rock on lyrica, cheers mate.

Upvote and resteem. Accadacca is good.


Thanks mate, they have been going longer than most bands so they must be doing something right, cheers.

It is a beautiful coin with a beautiful case. The price is a little too beautiful, but in a moment of weakness I might buy one, if they were not sold out.


Its a hefty premium especially when it's not even an ounce of silver, but it is a good collectable coin, cheers mate.

This is material for fans. The premium is too high.


Yeah to expensive for me, but they sold out pretty quickly, cheers mate.

i love it! but then i am a rather dedicated fan of theirs :) i may well be biased :) brilliant stuff, thank you for sharing, much respect to you


Yes I have been a fan for many years also, I have quite a few of their albums. Thanks for stopping by, cheers.

For those about to rock!!!

Awesome Ag⚡️Au!!!


We salute you!! cheers mate.