6oz Silver Pour'dland Oregon Bar Comes Home to Papa




After giving away the first one of these bad-boys I owned in the last #monster-raffle a few months back the stars finally aligned and all is right with the world. OK, that's an overstatement but DAMN I am happy about scoring another 6oz Oregon bar poured by Pour'dland.

I'm going to go back to the beginning just in case you missed part of the story.

About a year and a half ago I visited and LCS in Portland, Oregon called, Portland Precious Metals & Coin where I picked up the original Oregon bar. I met the shop owner named Mike and as it happened he had just started pouring silver. I saw the Oregon bar and had to have it, at $20/oz it was a deal too, so I grabbed it.

Fast forward to #MR4 where I gave it away, I just wrote about that here in this (currently unpublished) post...


Well, I was back in town the other day with my 7.5oz stack of trade silver


so I thought I'd stop by the shop after finishing up my city errands and, lo and behold, he had more! There was one in the case I was looking at while we were talking but it just seemed to be missing something. I know each poured silver piece is unique but this one was just not doing it for me. That's when the shopkeeper told me he had more unpolished bars in the back and did I was to take a look at them. Uhhhhh, YES, PLEASE!

A minute later he emerged with three or four unpolished and unstamped bars that he had and they were toned! He said he had put them up a while ago and was experimenting with toning them! I found the one I wanted and he said he could polish it up and have it ready in 20 minutes. Whoop whooooop! As I walked back to my car he came out of the shop to ask if I wanted him to try to keep the toning and just polish the middle (where it definitely needed it). I'm always game for something interesting so I said yes and when I returned in a half hour this is what I got!!


HOLD ON, HOLD ON, something ain't right here...


Ahhh, that's better.

And now, the #glamshots...


Awesome! If one of these is in your budget just contact Mike over at Portland Precious Metals & Coin, he delivers! Just tell him that dude from Steemit sent you :)



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These are nice. With a little imagination, it could almost be a Pennsylvania State bar!


Almost @evernoticethat. I'd love to find some other states poured by people in those states.

That is real beauty! Love the toning on it. You can't go wrong with a score like that for some generics. Excellent add to the stack @summertooth!


Yes sir, a score and a half.

Ooooo toned. Fancy stuff. I wonder if he would make one for his neighbor to the north state.
It could be washingtoned. 🤣😂🤣 But of course I would want it polished. 😉


BWAHAHAHAHA. Washingtoned. 😂😂😂


Zzzziiiiiiiing! Nice one Finney!

So glad you got another one buddy. When you raffling this one off??

Love it when a plan comes together 👍


Better than I coulda planned it even!

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Yeah man! That thing is F'd and awesome!!!
And you gotta let it out to BREATHE! No plastic for that beauty.
Great shots and thanks for sharing your story and photos of this thing.
Hold on to it tight... cherish it. :)


Thanks @plaid, I ain't giving this one away in a raffle. At least I don't think I will...

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That bar is awesome, @summertooth!!!! Congrats on your acquisition👍. I love it!!!!

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Thanks @silversave888! Someone must pour a Cali bar, I would think...


Yes, there are two from the YTcommunity that pours them.... actually wood pours.

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Cracking piece would love to get my hands on one of those. When you going to raffle this one of then haha 💯🐒