APMEX is giving away silver & gold American Eagle coins

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You may have noticed that my last week or so of posts have been strictly precious metal related. I've been enjoying posting some basic information and chatting with folks about it. I have also been enjoying posting from the SteemLeo interface. It works the same as steemit and I like that. I know they are focused on investing and related topics so I am focusing on that for now.

I wonder if one gets dinged with down-votes for posting non-investing related content from steemleo?

Anyhow, today I am here to alert you to the sweepstakes currently being held on the APMEX website.

Of course, they want you to order something to be entered, and that's fair, but you can also enter for free right here

Click that link above then scroll down and click the "ENTER NOW" box

Enter your deets and win (hopefully)

I think this is only opened to US residents so sorry all my sisters and brothers in far off lands, I still love ya!

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I really want steem Leo to be all about lions or astrological signs.... 🤣😂😁



Try National Geographic and the newspaper. :)


Hahaha.... you are so smart funny always, my dearest @dfinney... 🤣😂😁

Awesome to hear you're loving the interface! If you ever have an ideas for improvements, never hesitate to reach out on discord to let us know.

We do also downvote some people who use the interface for non-investment content. We don't catch everything, but we catch a decent amount of the noise. We downvote them with our abuse account @noleo4u which holds no SP (so it only affects LEO rewards)


Thanks for stopping by @leo.voter! I do enjoy the interface and I really like the "dashboard" feature. I do post on other subjects and will be sure not to use SteemLeo for those but I like it so much I just keep trying to think of investment-related material. :)

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Thank you for the information. Maybe one of us will be lucky! I'm gonna try, anyway😎

I'm trying to buy more LEO tokens right now

I'll check this out @summertooth!!!😀
They will remove Leo rewards for non investment post.....
When I post my @actifit I always remove the steemleo tag.....
I love those Eagles....and free is much better!!!😀


I thought that might be the case @silvertop. That's fair, I'll just have to remember to post from the steemit interface :( for non-investment stuff. Thanks.
By the way I nominated you for steemsilvergold the other day. I was surprised to find out you were not already in the club.


Wow.... Thank you so much for the nomination @summertooth!!😀
Have you checked out Steempeak interface, I post my Steemsilvergold and my Actifit from there. You can write a post and create a template and post it later, and again I just remove my steemleo tag if it's not investment!!🤗
Have a good evening!!!

I don't even have enough to buy one right now. Maybe next time


But you can enter the contest for free dude! Don't pass that shit up. :)

It is not fair! My daughter lives in Canada, near the boarder, and I cannot give her a chance to win...

Yeah.... I saw this one too! And did you know that I stack American Silver Eagles?
I have been enjoying your recent articles. So keep it coming, @summertooth! Have a wonderful day, and take care.🥰🌺🤙