When stacking silver as an investment there are a few different types, or forms, of silver one can buy with the most interesting and artistic (in my opinion) being poured silver. While I do enjoy silver rounds and bars they are mostly mass-produced by huge mints so there are a lot of them out there. Hand-poured silver is more time consuming so there are generally less of a certain design produced and the shapes & sizes can be quite unique.

The Process

Here is a photo from Shutterstock of a small scale silver melting setup.

As you can see there is not much need to melt silver. The crucible is the bowl that holds the metal while it melts and may be made of clay, graphite or porcelain. I don't know as much as I'd like to about this process but if you want to read more about it check out this post on WikiHow.

Photo Time!! :)

Hand-poured silver by Pit Bullion

The reverse of that kick-ass Pit Bullion piece

Taking a look at the above piece I'd like to point out a couple of features. First, notice the logo and mint stamped at the top. Then there is the weight (4.3 troy ounces) and purity (.999 fine silver) followed by a number "1". Many small scale silversmiths will stamp their pieces as they mint them so a lower number is desirable.

The last feature of note on the above piece are the "pour lines". These lines are a result of the metal cooling and are not as easy to make as it might seem. Head on over to Pit Bullions youtube page to see how it is done. The pour lines on the above piece are just perfect!

Wrap Up

One thing you can expect when shopping for poured silver is a slightly higher premium due to the craftsmanship that goes into making these wonderful pieces. The guys and girls that pour silver on a small scale are true artisans and I do not mind at all paying a little extra for their handiwork.

I've been posting the last few days through the Steemleo platform as they are focused on investing/financial information. Some of these subjects I am posting about are well known by my #steemsilvergold brothers and sisters but I thought I would go over some of the basics for Steemleo.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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Amazing bars! What’s the front of the MK Barz ? I love hand-poured silver! Thanks for sharing!🌺🥰

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Cool, i've always wanted to try a wax casting.

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That is such amazing silver 😍 OMG!
That pit Bullion is just sooo badass... Loove it...I wish I had some poured silver to its just so special.
Thank you for sharing and truly amazing details on them.
Have a wonderful evening. Much love 🤗🌹

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Sorry brother but the 9 fine bar is not hand poured. Its a cast bar. They put the silver into a mold then put the mold into the furnace. Thats why there arent any pour lines.


Thanks man, guess I'm still learning too. I'll change that picture out so all the many many people who read this will not be misled...


Anytime bro

Silver... 😆

I really like the pour lines! Nice details all around. Thanks for sharing.

The pour lines make these Silver art pours truly one of a kind!!! Yes these are true artisans!!😀

Thanks for the good read. I like silver more as cold but stacking no. Happy day.💕

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