Crypto Alive and Well — my balls? ...Not so much

2년 전



...or is it OPPORTUNITY knocking?


My financial advisor (pictured above) was strangely calm, and looking toward the future... even when i showed him my preferences...

(this is a "watch" list)

Allow me to share them — and i make zero suggestions! As you can see, my ideas have stunk up hell in the last 24hrs...


Of course the only thing green is @raybrockman’s pick — Kermit the fucking frog in Miss Piggy land!!!


What can i say? I can hardly speak!!! My ballz have been trounced!!! But i’m still buying and happy to be doing so. Admittedly i have been focussed on the cryptos lately and paying less attention the the shiny, but that’s just because i believe that a little creativity with my routes to a bigger stack o shiny will pay off in the not too distant future.

Silver is at a 5 year nominal low, and when indexed against historical quantities, more like a 5,000 year low!!!

It’s fucking hilarious and awesome and kind of meaningless. It is obvious to most that this field is dominated by commercial banks, so the price is kind of arbitrary. If anyone could provide an alarm for when the last JPM short closes then we may have a chance. But for chrissakes, the metals are tanking!!! The best performing major asset on the planet right now is the USD. If you are holding this currency right now you are super boffo!

But this too will change...

If yer crypto savvy, now could be an excellent time to diversify. I am constantly amazed at how little smRt people understand about this space... and i must remember that, although i want things to change on the dbl quick, it could yet be a while before some of these tokens begin to really show their merit.

But think about this: before Jan 3rd, 2009, there was no blockchain. It is brand new! Anyone that has any clue about what i am talking about could still be called an “early adopter” — looking out through my future goggles. I believe what’s gonna’ happen soon is that the UI (user interface)
Is gonna’ get so good, people won’t wven know what platfoem their using. But here’s the key: the underlaying asset will appreciate dramatically.

So if ya want more precious metals, investing in the future may be a hell of a good call right now.

It’s not going away!

...but i digress

What i really wanted to say was:

Long Live SSG!!!

FACF9A1E-C586-4C50-8B10-AFB6BA7C5021.jpeg back to black ⚡️👊🤩⚡️

Cheers! from @thedamus


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Did You Say US Dollar @thedamus ??



Like a boss mofo! Like a boss

Both Silver and Gold are Dirt Cheap right now, but that's not going to be where the Biggest Transfer of Wealth the World has ever seen, will be located... And as far as the Crypto's go, what do you think will become of your Crypto's when the United States Crypto-Dollars and Decimal Cents are Activated...???
Think United States Coinage...


i will take all my nickels and become a gazillionaire!


They'll have to be U.S. Nickels... Each will have the Purchasing Power of a Federal Reserve Note, Five Dollar "Bill"... You can also use them to obtain U.S. Crypto-Dollars and Cents...


I guess this will be used for the slaves. Freedom is to have a currency with no middleman, so crypto will always have its use unless you will accept to be a slave


Get ready for the Movie... We're about to Move from the Central Bank Owners Monetary System to the United States of a Sovereign Peoples Monetary System... We're breaking the Chains of Monetary Slavery... It will be known as the Peoples Money...


I agree 👍

Stupid move by nike eh


Stimpy, you eeediot!!! 🤣🤣🤣


and we just bought a couple of pairs, maybe I can get my money back.


All Day I Dream About Sex -- or New Balance!


It's a blood bath but i wasn't planning on selling anything anyway


It’s a buyers market imho 😎👍


Get that Usd waiting ready on le binance :) We definatly are still earky adopters lol! I hope im still alive to enjoy massive gains on cryptos haha


A healthy maximuscryptitus syndrome is whats needed these days! its coming to you to you leg end!!

I thought the internet had broke, -20% all round :)


kicked in the teeth again!

Got quite the speculative advisor lol

The cryptos will be fine. I will see steem at $2 before the end of 2018.

I don't have NIKE stock, and I would have sold it too if I did! Yeah... it is a precious metals buying opportunity! Cheers, @thedamus!



Bloodbath = September SALES!!! Todays bloodbath would be thanked in 5-10years.

Keep stacking them high! I do not think we will have to wait much longer for that bull run, but it will be awesome.


Damn i hope so! This has been a bloody hibernation!

I noticed that Doge/Steem ratio suddenly looking really good so I Block Traded a pile of Dogecoins into Steem.


That sounds super smart to me 🤓👍👍


Dogepile, Dogepile, another 5K Dogecoins into another 24 SBDs.

One will be stupid entering cryptos market now


I beg to differ bro — check these facts:



Problem is these coins are rare and hard to spot

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Wow!!! Great you keep stacking them high..Long live #SSG!!!

I would like to be your adviser, calm and confident.

so cute!

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