E Pluribus Unum


Hi Friends,

I thought y’all might like to enjoy this roll of quarters i’m putting together. Turns out i bought 41 of ‘em, but 2 have gone to my boys and 1 has been sent out to a new happy home — nay, a stacker’s paradise 🤩👍

Anyway, i got some good pics, check it out, here’s the specie — about 1/2 of them are ‘64s, the rest mixed dates.


And some splash shots in case i get lucky with @rewards-pool 🤙😜⚡️😎👍



Okay, sweet right? Now check out these pics i got with that clip-on-thingy...


And the photo that inspired the title — indeed, from many, one — just like the communities here on Steemit (even if @ned is apparently working for the Russians! Lofl)

💥💥💥Boom! 💥💥💥


I hope you liked my new Washingtons and have a plan to add some more shiny to your own stacks soon.

Cheers! from @thedamus



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I think I will head back down to J & M and see if I can finish off that roll of US Rosie/Merc dimes I've been slowly working on, I'm 8 or 9 dimes short of 50.


Just Do It! 😁🤩😁

That 53 hasn't seen very many pockets, that thing is in great shape. Nice haul buddy. Ned works for Russia? He must know Trump then....😂😂🤣😁😎👊


And it won’t see many more if i can help it 🤩👍

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

That’s a sweet looking 53 captain.👍


Yeah man! The thing looks better than new 🤩

Seeing you rearrange your quarters in the pics is giving me flashbacks to Close Encounters of the Third Kind where dude is sculpting Devil’s Tower with mashed potatoes. I don’t know why!!! Maybe cause it’s 4am. 😂🤣



Sweet US constitutional buddy!


Cheers E, all this fancy BU junk i’ve found lately is making my reg junk look pretty dirty 😜

💥Boom! 💥 Keep stacking those US Constitutional beauties, @thedamus! Fill a coin sack of them!


These ones are tubed up already 😁🤩😁 but if i had an underground lair it’d be a different story.

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Nice collection.

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