Holy Shit Owen Wat — you have won again!!!

3년 전

That’s fucking ree-donculous!!! You Sterling bastard and all around awesome motherfucker! I haven’t even sent your last win out (...damus time) and you already won my next contest!!!

It was the: if you fucking win silver in random’s contest, you win twice in mine! contest

And you, owenwat, have won again!!! Expect at least 2oz from the @thedamus in our next phyzz correspondence.


...i’m moderately disturbed that common mathematics and statistics seem not to apply to you.

And yet, Congratulations @owenwat! Everybody loves a winner 😁 You have won, also, @thedamus’ “Asskicker of the day Award”

You are a fine and rare example of what it is all about!


Cheers! from @thedamus

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Does anyone else remember the day they found out they weren't Owen Wat?....

I was about 7 years old and at our junior school fete, there was a raffle and i had a ticket. The first prize was a mountain bike, ooooh it was amazing. Anyway the ticket for third prize was called and a young boy went on stage to collect his prize; a very cool lego set. The second winning ticket number was called and it was my number, i was so excited, ok i had not won the mountain bike but 3rd prize was a lego set so i made my way to the front full of optimism, I climbed the steps up on stage infront of the entire school to proudly collect my first win in life....

I was handed a large round tub of powder, some kind of face powder puff thing, an industrial amount that could have kept an entire 18th century French court happy. I looked out at the watching crowd of people and their howls of laughter and i realized at that point my name was not Owen Wat, no, no it wasn't.... it was now Powder Puff, luckily over time was able to pile on lots of weight through adolescent misery and advance my status in life to Russell Belly and i lived happily ever after...


Do you do standup comedy Russell your material's pure gold! :)


Material? Comedy? That is actually a true story. Powder puff incidents are not laughing matters, they effect lives. If you or anyone you know has been affected by any of the issues raised here in these comments then you are not alone..... there is at least 1 other person. Inappropriate publicly humiliating raffle prizes are a real phenomenon, were all just too scared to face the fact that you too could win something in a populated public environment that ought not to have been won.

Ah Man im loving these asskicker of the day awards! Ive had such a wicked day playing in the snow with the boys feeling like a little kid at christmas with all this snow and silver flying at me from all directions! im currently lying on the floor by the fire just like that gorilla! Thanks you heavyweight Silverback im thinking of a way to get you silver back :)


All in the name of goodtimes man 😜👍

Dude, @thedamus, you are damn inspiring, man! "If you win Random's you win twice mine" lol

I love the love in this group!


That one cracked me up too 🤣

That guy has lucky horseshoes hidden somewhere! Lol.

Easy for Owen Wat. Good luck to everyone in the next contests organized = ) I'm sure there are going to be plenty of chances for everyone to win. Remember to not give up.

Thank you for contributing to the Steemit Community.Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to your next posts.

Guy is fucking unstoppable



Crazy! Congrats Owen! 👊 I love thedamus round!


Cheers Vessel!

  ·  3년 전

No way man... this guy's got some weird spell on these contests!! Just a prize magnet!!! I recon he would win even if he never entered!!


The Magic is boundless!

@thedamus he is a lucky PHUCK that @owenwat guy.


he is so that!

I need to start entering some dang contests!! That pic is just to damned funny to me lol


Hit it hard! It’s the only way.

I told in another post that @owenvat was with the Gods of Luck over him. This second winning shows the truth of my words.


He’s a lucky duck alright!

How is that even possible.....


Bah ha ha!

Congratulations @owenwat!
And thanks for sharing this news @thedamus

a very good post, a gorilla is sleeping@thedamus

photography very good

Mongky is bautiful foto