Put Some “Stank” On It!

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Hi friends,

So i’ve been farting around with an iPhone app again and wanted to share some results. The above pic was created using a free app from the app store called “deep art effects” and a standard iPhone pic i took last night — this one ⤵️


There are all kinds of free filters to try and often they have a “deluxe” one you can try for free as well (although these ones come and go). Here, check out the free one i tried from yesterday. It turned this:


Into this:


Pretty cool hey? I’m gonna’ try another one right now... let’s see, i’ll take this one:


And put the “pixel art” filter on it to get this:


Pro tip: leave a little extra room in your frame when you compose so you can edit out their watermark, like this:


I’m still looking for an app that’ll turn my Volvo into one of these, but i’m pretty sure that that one will be blockchain related 😜👍


To the Moon friends! And Lambos for everybody!

Cheers! from @thedamus


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Thats some serious wiring running around those red lights, cool app tho, I use it sometimes as well. Stay warm brother.


Thx hammer! Yeah, just a couple blocks away is a pretty busy transit intersection.

I can barely wipe my Butt let alone figure out how to do all this Fancy Stuff @thedamus


I wish I had more SP to give this comment a heaftier upvote. 😂🤣🤣


Lol! It’s pretty easy actually, but i hear ya!

Awesome! I love playing around with the photo editing apps on my phone. Psychedelic camera is a fun one.


I’ll have to check it out... i’ve only ever used this one 😎👍

Very cool bro, great effects


Cheers 510! It is good fun 😎👍

I like the one of the branches. Even without the filter. Enjoy the snow!


Thx for looking vg!

Had a little bit if snow have we? 🌨️❄️⛄

That's quite cool!!

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Thx mm, check it out!


Instant artist!

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Did you just find these on the app store? I am going to have to see if they have these for an android because they are awesome filters.


Yeah... this one was called “deep art effects” but if you search photo filters i’m sure you’ll
Come up with something in goog play.

I really liked what you achieved with the photographs


Thx ml! 😎👍

Awesome. They look great

Lambos for everybody!

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has pretty good effects those applications

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