SSG — An Expedition to the South Pole!

5개월 전

Hi friends,

I wrote yesterday that I believed SSG silver had travelled the world — everywhere, that is, except Antarctica. So someone (@dreemsteem It was) asked the logical question: why not? Then, she went ahead and nominated me for the post — this one — and even sent me 1 sbd towards the goal. Bah ha ha ha... I love this stuff!

So here’s what i’m gonna’ do. Maybe later tonight or tomorrow when I get back to my stack i’m going to pick out a 2018 Communitree round (@welshstacker’s design) and package it up. Then i’m going to see if Canada Post, or Fed Ex (or anyone!) has any service to Antarctica!
If I can, I am going to send it with compliments from SSG and a request that whomever is tending the weather station take a pic and send it in!

This could make us the first metals stacking group in history to have our flag planted relatively close to the South Pole! If you want your name included on the “supporters” list, and to help with my costs of silver round and postage, please send @thedamus 1sbd. However, if it is impossible to achieve this goal i’ll pour all the collected sbd into the MR4 and have a free raffle for contributors — someone’s gonna’ get it!

This is all off the cuff, so I will flesh out all details in future post.


Long Live SSG! — we’re going world wide!

Cheers! from @thedamus

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We can do this!. I'll help just hit me up when we got the addy!!


Will do a lil snooping around when the kids go down later 👍

Here is some contact info for people/depts there. I'm going to try to call the 800 number and ask them about it. I'll let you know what I come up with.


Mail. South Pole has a postal service center where stamps can be purchased (cash only) and mail posted. However, it does not offer any registered services or sell money orders. Mail is placed aboard resupply airplanes and routed through McMurdo Station. Your address at South Pole is:
[Your Name]
PSC 768 Box 400
APO AP 96598-0001
If filling out an online shipping form, enter "APO" as the city and "AP" as the state.


Looks like there’s a station RIGHT AT THE SOUTH POLE!!! 😁🤩😁👍👍

SSG is going down under laddie!



You rule vg! I’ll check this out later when i’m Picking a round 😜👍👍


It's happeninnnnggggggg

I have no SBD now, but tomorrow, when I receive the SBDs for my article, I will send you one.


Right on Ron! It looks like there’s a weather station right at the South Pole! 😁👍👍

We can accomplish anything we want. I’m in.👍

Sent 1 SBD just now.
"The U.K. Antarctic Heritage Trust runs a post office museum and gift shop at Port Lockroy, located on Goudier Island off the Antarctic Peninsula."


I’m going to try sending it right to the Pole 😜👍


Yessssssssssssss!!!!! This is awesomeness hehhehee

Me loves it, me do!!! 😜

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The goodest!!!!! Hehhehee

This is epic, selfless and fun!


Beautiful things happen when a couple of nuts get together.

Baaaahahahahha! 😂


I get to be "chestnut"!!!! Which one do you wanna be @thedamus???
@dfinney... You? 😂😂😂😂

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😂🤣😂 Calling dibs on pecan.


It's all yours girl!

Still waiting on @thedamus 😂

Sending a 2018 steemsilverround you say?? 1 SBD you say?? I'll get that over ASAP.


It’s looking good Welshie 👍

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