Stay in the Loupe (photog tips from @thedamus)

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Hi friends,

If you are interested in precious metals and iphonephotography as i am, then have a look at this secret weapon!


I’m talking about that little black clip thingy. Of course there’s a standard 16x loupe in the photo too (as well as a Morgan Dollar for scale), but i’m talking now about the clip. Basically, it just clips on to your iPhone (or android) and provides a macro lense for close up pics. Check it out:


Versus looking through a loupe,


I have found i use it even when i’m not taking photos as the above Loupe is kinda’ fussy, although i still break it out time to time. Anyway, the attachment came with a wide-angle as well which gets screwed on, but i haven’t bothered, as i use this piece mostly for coins and rounds. I believe it can be bought at practically any good big drugstore for like $20, or surely at a camera shop, but it will really do wonders for your pictures when ya’ wanna’ show off some details.

Another tip is this: diffused lighting works the best for silver. Don’t try and shoot your silver in direct light — it’s too damn shiny! — and make sure you have sharp focus, even if ya have to pull back a bit from the subject, and then crop into your photo so the coin/round doesn’t look so small.

Happy snappin’!




Cheers! from @thedamus


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good pictures, good work


I enjoy my loupe. It is one of the first supply I bought when I started stacking. It is always at my desk, and love just looking at my coins and rounds through the loupe, hehehe!!!


The close up view really takes one into the coin — good fun 😁

I use a real camera to take photos of my coins but changing lens and to try to focusing it is a pain in the ass.


I do almost all of my Steeming on my phone, so it makes sense to just have pics load to gallery. Also, the clip-on thing takes about 1/2 sec to attach. 😎👍

What a bad ass way to photograph your coins! I will me borrow this method thanks for sharing.

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You’ll love it!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

I gotta get me one of those.


No more squinting!

That clip on one is sweet! I'm always trying to hold the loop up to my phone and then try to get the part I want, all while moving it farther and closer to get it to focus. I need to invest in one of the clip on kind.


Oh man, it’s a breeze. And, you can look at coin with BOTH eyes at the same time!
You’ll like it vg 👍


I just saw a full set of the clip on ones on Amazon for $16! It has all sorts of shit to hook to your phone to take pics with. Might have to toss it in my shopping cart and give it a test run.


Sweet! Mine came with a wide and a fish-eye as well, but i’ve only ever used the macro — it’s actually a pretty low-quality plastic lense 😜

If you want your coins to have a macro shot, send them to thedamus and he will take the pic and keep the coin as payment,


Nice images btw buddy, them little clip on lense are impressive


For such a trivial piece it really works good 👍

Good tips photo-ninja! It took me a while to learn the pull back and crop tip but it works great for a crisp photo.


Cheers summertooth. I’m still learning too

excellent device. very practical!!

Wow it really works,excellent ideas dear.

Wow!, thanks for the tips!! ♡