Stealing Art & Making Dinner

5개월 전

Hi friends,

Perhaps many of you will recount some of my previous successful heists...and i have yet struck again! ...and purloined another piece from my fave window-strippin’ Art Gallery. This is looking North up Howe Sound, enjoy


(Pinch and zoom if you dare!)

And here’s what’s for dins tomo night. I have decided to master the slow cooker this year, and so i am starting it off with this badboy ⤵️ presently getting all hot and bothered in the overnight slo-mo.


I’ve already done a navy bean and Christmas ham that was madballz good, and i’m looking forward to doing a chilli and trying some bbq-chicken... my move is gonna’ be to pull out the above roast tomo aft and crisp it in a 500+ oven for like 5 mins and then let it rest while i assess the vegetable damage. Further, i will be pre-making some beef-dips for the freezer if this thing turns out. (Sliced meat in a garlic-toast-treated baguette wrapped in tinny. Pull ‘em out and bake ‘em off while you warm up some au jus and then chomp down and feel your toes open and close spasmodically — it’s actually pretty fun!)

Do you have a fave slow-cooker (crock pot) meal you wanna’ share? Please... tell me all about it. It’ll be feeding these growing concerns 😍😍



Cheers! from @thedamus



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This is a really cool piece of art. WOW. Great.
Dinner is lookin' good too.
I have no good crock pot recipes to offer... my wife uses the crock pot to make roasts, or beef stew. It is usually an all day slow-cook.


That’s what i’m trying to do... got a bunch of recipes i wanna’ try 😜👍

spectacular the first image, I saw the second image and I got hungry, bon appétit


Merci beaucoup! C’etais tres bien 😁👍

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Please thedamus upvote for me like i did to yours

That sure is going to look good when its all done TD!


...t-minus 2hrs 🤩🥩🤩

CONGRATS on your latest art acquisition! That roast looks like it is going to be very good!!! What time is dinner!!! Cheers, @thedamus!


Acquisition! Ha ha, but i guess it was either the roast or an oz of the shiny 😜🥩


😁😁😁 can hardly wait!

That looks really good. I just got a whole cookbook with only slow cooker recipes. What are you looking for?


Not really sure. I’m scanning recipes and just gonna’ let the meat jones dictate 😁🥩🦖🦖

I would love to try it soon!!

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Its really great. This food make me too much hungry. I wish I can join with you. Have a Nice day Cheears@thedamus

look so delicious.

I bet that food it=s going to be so good when it is done

Have a great day

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solo de ver lo que cocino se me abrió el apetito

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