The Assassin Rides Again!

10개월 전

Hi friends,

So I was out with the Silver Assassin today — going over to grandma’s house, and lo and behold, our trip took us right past the bullion shop! Here we are at the window conducting our skulduggery — Y'Arrrr!


And here he is appraising the goods!




Avast! The young scallywag know’s when a good score has been made. We got a 2016 Somali Elephant and a 2013 Snake bar from Rand mint — and again, got them for generic price (about $1.40 cheaper than a Maple!)

Here’s the pics



Hopefully soon these babies will be yielding positive returns. But truth be told, I’m happy with these low prices and don’t mind if they stick around for a while. I’m a big fan of 1 oz Ag “in da’ hand” for under $25 Cad.


Go get you some 😁 and check out @silverd510’s post today to see what the 2020 Elephants look like — theys nice ya!

Cheers! from @thedamus

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I am ready to sell part of my bullion coins when silver reaches @pocketchange's price.

The assasin is getting big Captain. Nice pair 👍


Cheers D 👊 I really like that 2020. And yeah he is 😁 a real growing concern!

Sweet snag at generic price! That's how ya do it!


Hell ya E! Worst case scenario: I sell ‘em back at par 👍

From Silver Assassin's look,I would say you have a serious stacker there!!!!!😀


Heh heh, he’s a natural born stacker! 😜👍


You need to start them young!!😀

Aye, a very nice plunder Captain, VCBE me favorite port of call!


They always have nice stacks ☠️

AWESOME SMILES, awesome silver, my friend! STACK ON, @thedamus, CHEERS and take care 🌺🤙


Thanks saver! Rolling with Leon and snagging metal is right up there with my fave things to do 🤟😁

I go away and miss two new post from you!! The assassin is looking dapper and that silver is good stuff. Good to see a little plundering happening.

Nice buys TD! Looks like you and the Silver Assassin had a good day plunderin'.


Thanks ks, a modest haul but a tasty one 😁👍