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When a member of #thealliance recently called my attention to the availability of silver and gold on eBay at decent prices, I took a look and found a silver coin that I fell in love with, immediately! I bought it for myself as an early birthday present.


The obverse (front) of the coin depicts the Goddess Thalassa, who represented the "primeval spirit of the sea" [1] in the ancient Greek pantheon.

With her male counterpart Pontus, she spawned the storm gods and the tribes of fish. The couple were later replaced by the other marine pairs, Oceanus and Tethys, Poseidon and Amphitrite. [1]


The reverse (back) of the coin depicts a stylized representation of ocean waves and the mark of the maker, Trident Silver.


Although I enjoy hanging beside the ocean on occasion, it wasn't the water elements that attracted me to this collectible as I am more attracted to mountains and forests. It was the Feminine energies that are present in the symbolism in this coin's design that were most appealing.

Earlier in this writing, Thalassa was described as a primeval spirit, and I want to briefly elaborate on that. Doing so will add another dimension of understanding as to why I like this coin (as well as to how I think, in general).

In the evolution of Greek mythology, as well as that of other cultures, attempts often arise to personify aspects of the natural world. At first, these representations are typically of primordial concepts, i.e., representing forces that existed from the beginning of time on this planet such as the sky, the water, the earth. As the society evolves, the original, primal archetypes are often replaced by successive generations of representations. In the Greek tradition, this happened three times: there were first the primordial gods/goddesses, then came the Titans, and then the Olympians.[2] While this is probably, in general, a good phenomenon which represents the evolution of society to higher, more refined thinking, it is sad when reverence is completely lost for ancient archetypes that are more universal and, arguably, more useful. So, Thalassa represents one of the original, simple, and beautiful forms of these anthropomorphic renditions of Greek thought, untainted by convolutions of more complex everyday life and the contentions that emerged in later folklore (where the gods and goddesses were always fighting and doing despicable things to each other). So, that makes Her more special to me, because Thalassa is one of the original, pure archetypes.


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   1 Wikipedia: Thalassa
   2 Wikipedia: Titans


a big hug to @enginewitty for designing the following personal banner for me 🤗





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So very pretty!!!! I love the design, @thekittygirl! Women, and the beauty of females are always a favorite design in silver and gold coins, rounds and bars. Walking Liberty is my most favorite... and of course the Saint Gauden's design, and the Peace Dollar, and in the Morgan Dollar.... STACK ON, my friend!!! Wishing you the best in your stacking journey !


Thank you so much! I appreciate your comment and giving me more things to research, like the Morgan Dollar! 😊

Sexy round hey, if I recall correctly, this is a part of a 12 piece collection of 6 'sexy' angels and demons? IDK, but I was looking at them the other day too :P


I've seen that series, too, and I think this piece is separate from that collection. But it is very cool, too!

That is a really Beautiful silver lovely 😍 I haven't seen that one before... Amazing choice and nice to add to your collection. 💕🤗


Thank you so much, sweetie! 😊

I think new silver has been added to my wish list


It does appear to be an additive thing to collect! 😊

When I saw you coin, I recalled I have something like that somewhere. Looks almost the same size. But the design is like a farmer of some sort. I can't recall. I'll try to look for it over the weekend. Anyway I like the design of your silver coin. It's a beauty and is that a whale there in the background?


Yes, indeed, it is a whale's tail in the background! If you find your coin, it would be awesome to share a post about it! 😊

I am a water element, so imagine how much I love this coin, congrats on your purchase @kittygirl 😊


Thank you! 😊

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Thank you for all the resteems of my posts! You are awesome! 😊

Be careful when buying gold on Ebay, there are a lot of crooks around. Silver is perhaps not as critical, because its too cheap at the moment to make faking profitable. But in China they make just about every kind of coin, like Maple Leafs or Kruger Rands, for a few Dollars.


Thank you for that cautionary note! At the moment, I am only interested in silver, but will definitely keep that in mind! Much appreciated! 😊


You're welcome! My advice: stick to well reputed bullion dealers - even if its a few cent more per ounce. And especially stay from "super bargain" offers on Ebay. Nobody sells silver under the market price - would you? You see... ;)


Yes, indeed, if it sounds good good to be true, it probably is! 😉

She is a gorgeous coin! Thanks for running PYPT today. ❤️


I was happy to do PYPT! Thanks for being an awesome part of the audience! 😊

Great coin and fantastic mani! 😄💅
You know your gift will be good when you gift it to yourself! Happy early b-day. 🎂


Thank you! 😊

Very nice! First time I'm seeing this lovely coin, she's no Britannia (That other girl with a trident), then Hippolyta the girl with the spear, Diana with the bow...and so on.


Actually, I ordered a Britannia, too... She will be posted soon! 😁

Stunning coin she is beautiful!


Thank you! 😊

That's a pretty design. Good on you for keeping it in plastic like that! I don't have any coins yet that I bought just for looks, though a few have caught my eye over the years. You're right though, prices are at prime buying levels!


Thank you for the comment! 😊

Wow, I love this! What a great way to honor this goddess as well as yourself. Nice to learn more about her. I too am more drawn to the original gods and goddesses. For me, I connect most with the Germanic gods prior to the cult of Odin. Even though I still connect with him as well. the original primordial, as you said, have a much purer connection and more natural human feel. If you know what I mean. Love this so much had to share it. Thanks!


Thank you so much for that lovely comment, and I am definitely glad you shared those thoughts! 😊

Oh my, what a pretty coin. Nice to get some history with it as well, thank you so much for sharing!

howdy from Texas thekittygirl! what a gorgeous coin. Love the design and the history of it. Wise investment too. I haven't heard about going to ebay for silver, they are significantly less money there?

Your note about the loss of pure archetypes reminds me of the book American Gods in which the old European gods who came to the US with European settlers are slowly being forgotten for the new gods of technology. The book is fiction, but is based on the fact that people create and evolve gods to fit their needs. I think it is sad that more people don't know or study the history of gods and religion. There is rich and fascinating history of how the gods and myths we have today were modified from past work. Even more fascinating is understanding why they were modified as well as why some were dropped.

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I like the coin too. Lucky you...

The detail on that coin is very impressive, glad you were able to get you one.
Can't go wrong having precious metals is what I have been told.

That's pretty cool. I didn't know there were coins with Greek goddesses on them.


This isn't really a "coin" as it has no true "face value" to it, so they call it a "silver round" or "bullion round" as it is solely for collector/investment value. I am learning so much while researching this stuff! LOL!


Well, it's really cool nonetheless. I can see the appeal.

the silver coin is so pretty but look at your cute nails too! hehehehehehe I should try to find a nice piece on ebay! But... I don't know really what to look for - or if i'm getting ripped off hahahahaha

i guess ill know if i try - right? :)


I am pretty much flying blind on this stuff, too. I've been researching each piece to make sure it is genuine, and so forth, but I hardly know what I am doing. 😁

Really nice pickup! I really dig the art deco style on the back. Kind of dangerous to follow people who post their new sliver pieces on Steemit as it's really tempting to pick up as well!